Mitel DECT Headset for the MiVoice 6900 IP Phone Family

Mitel have announced the release of the new integrated DECT headset for the 6930 and 6940 IP Phones. This unique accessory provides all the benefits of handsfree mobility in a lightweight, ergonomic design. It offers unprecedented convenience and mobility allowing users to communicate on their phone from up to 300 feet from their desk.

With the new Integrated DECT Headset, there’s no need to feel tethered to your desk while on a phone call. Users are free to roam around their desks or adjacent offices while staying connected. Adding the benefit of completely hands-free communication, the Mitel Integrated DECT Headset further enables you to work on your computer, handle documents or take notes during your calls.

Features of the new headset include:

  • Long range – up to 300 foot / 100 meters
  • Eight hours of talk time without recharging
  • Make Call, Answer Call and End Call Key
  • Visual Voicemail
  • HD Voice / Wideband audio
  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • Remote call control
  • Charging point powered directly via MiVoice 6930 / 6940 expansion port or PKM expansion port
  • Mobile Call History

The integrated DECT headset is available for use with the 6930 and 6940 IP Phones, supported by MiVoice software release 8.0 SP1.

To find out more about the new integrated DECT headset please call us on 020 3668 0444 or email

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