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Mitel Completes Acquisition of ShoreTel


Mitel has announced that it has completed its acquisition of fellow Unified Communications provider, ShoreTel. The deal marks as one of the biggest Unified Communications mergers in history, making Mitel the second largest player in the global UCaaS market.

With the new addition, Mitel is set to create a more efficient and competitive company focused on Premise, Hybrid and Cloud solutions for the small, medium and large enterprise segments.

Digital transformation is rapidly changing business models in every industry and every corner of the globe, opening the door to disruptive opportunities for companies to grow and compete. For businesses, moving to a cloud communications and collaboration system inside their own organizations is a natural first step on their digital transformation journey” said Rich McBee, president and CEO of Mitel, in a statement. “Mitel and ShoreTel are now stronger together and even better equipped to help take our customers to the cloud, seamlessly and simply.

What can customers expect during the integration process?

  • Both Mitel and ShoreTel customers can rest easy knowing that it is business as usual, with no changes to the products, processes aa well as people. Mitel will provide ongoing service and support for all products throughout their life cycles.
  • Customers as well as partners will be notified and updated in advance of all product announcements.
  • Mitel is working to complete an integrated portfolio roadmap, and any changes the company anticipates making in the future will be communicated appropriately.

At 4Sight we are very excited about this integration as we welcome any developments that allows us to offer more options and benefits to our customers. We believe, the combination of Mitel and ShoreTel, will strengthen our cloud offerings with a unique suit of cloud solutions and applications, investment protection, and a technology path to the future.

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Choosing The Right Cloud Communications Solution for Your Business

Enabling greater flexibility and productivity without the need for large capital investment, the benefits of Cloud Communications allow businesses to free themselves from the limitations of traditional, office-based phone systems. Given the growth in the market for Cloud Communications, there are now a number of different solution variants available.

So when you are ready to choose your solution, you need to be sure it matches your business needs and ways of working – allowing you to take full advantage of all its benefits. It is important to appreciate that not all solutions are equal in terms of functionality, flexibility, management complexity or resilience. The right solution for you will depend on the size and type of your business and your IT strategy going forward.

What does this eGuide cover:

 The advantages of Cloud Communications

 The different types of solutions available

 Key purchase considerations

 Key question checklist

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    What’s new in Mitel MiVoice Business Release 8.0 SP2?


    Mitel have recently announced the release of their new MiVoice Business Software 8.0 SP 2. Here is our quick overview of the new features available on this new release.

    MiVoice Business 8.0 SP 2 is primarily a support release, and the main feature content associated with this release includes:

    LDAP integration

    With MiVoice Business 8.0 SP 2, customers can now link their MiVB with an external LDAP data source to present caller’s name for incoming and outgoing calls on the display of the 6900 and 5300 series IP sets. End users maintaining a corporate directory contacts, have now the option to CLI match against their LDAP database to display the caller’s name when a call is presented or forwarded to a member of staff. In addition to customer contact details, this feature also includes speed calls, groups and other numbers that may not exist in the User and Services configuration form.

    6900 xml Integration

    The 6900 xml capability allows for tighter integration and a simplified user experience for end users who already have a range of Mitel products – for example, the meeting centre application which simplifies joining audio conference calls – the system can display what meeting a user is scheduled to be at, they have a one click to join the audio session via their 6900 set rather than having to look up the audio bridge number and enter their participant PIN code.

    S720 support

    This release also provides support for the new S720 speaker unit.

    Other features include:

    • Support for DTMF codes whilst calls are active on the users mobile line on the 6900 series sets
    • The Night Bell feature is now supported on all devices
    • The administrator can now program a Make Busy FAC with speed call functionality using Make Busy walk away codes to allow users to create personal speed calls. The walkaway codes between the range 0-11 are supported.

    MiVoice Business Release 8

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