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The Essential Guide to Private Cloud

private vs public cloud

If you’re considering migrating your business communications to private cloud, you’re not alone. Private cloud provides strength and security, powerful integrations and budgeting flexibility for countless businesses worldwide.

However, before deciding if private cloud is right for your organisation, arm yourself with knowledge about topics like:

• Connecting to your private cloud communications system
• Enhancing your private cloud connection with SD-WAN
• Assessing your business requirements

Our Essential Guide to Private Cloud for Business Communications has all that information and more. Plus, learn how FC Liverpool simplifies the fan journey and create seamless interactions with the right cloud communications.


Compare today’s Top 3 Enterprise UCaaS services

Mitel Tolly Report

MiCloud Flex vs. 8×8 Virtual Office X8 and Ringcentral Premium

Tolly Enterprises compared Mitel’s MiCloud Flex to offerings from 8×8 and RingCentral. The report found that the Mitel solution was comparable to or exceeded its competitors.

Get details on pricing, security, contact center, collaboration and app integrations that maximize business intelligence.

Spoiler alert: Mitel’s MiCloud Flex stands out as both the best value in enterprise UC and the leader in interactive responsiveness. Only Mitel lets customers connect via Facebook, IoT or speech-enabled IVR. Only Mitel’s mobility untethers agents, supervisors and teams for ultimate collaboration flexibility.


For more information about the new Mitel MiCloud Flex click here, alternatively please call us on +44 (0)20 3668 0444 or email 







MiVoice Business: Get 1 free 6900 series phone for every 3 you buy, of the same model, when you purchase a new MiVoice Business system.
Not to exceed 100 free phones per order. Valid until 30 September 2019



Buy 2 licenses get 1 free on select premium MiVoice Business and MiVoice Connect licenses.
This offer is valid now through December 31, 2019



New MiVoice Business customers who purchase a solution comprised of specific can enjoy an additional 15% off their full purchase.
This offer is valid until September 30, 2019


Delivering value to customers migrating to Mitel Flagship products & services

Get 50% off hardware (and virtual) when you upgrade your legacy equipment to MiVoice Business and receive 25% off the cost of new user licenses.
This offer applies to a minimum 10 users. Qualifying equipment for ShoreTel, Toshiba, Inter-Tel, and Mitel.


Top 10 Communication Trends in Hotel Technology


Technology continues to reshape the hospitality industry, with IT becoming more important to hotel operations and the guest experience than ever before.

In the competitive hospitality industry, identifying new technology opportunities early on is pivotal to growing your base of repeat customers, catching the attention of prospective customers and claiming your spot on the leading-edge.

1. Mobile Door Key

Hotels are ditching the plastic card and allowing guests to check in to their room with their mobile phones. Some hotels have already starting using implementing this, whether it involves NFC technology or visually scanning a code like many airports now do with plane tickets.

2. Self Service

Today, many guests prefer self-serve, from remote check in to being able to order room service on a mobile device. Remote check-in and check-out options are becoming popular, and some hotels are beginning to work with apps that let guests order room service right from their mobile devices. There’s a whole range of basic guest requests that can be automated with the right technology, which frees hotel staff up for other activities that enhance the guest experience. And the trend is only going to accelerate.

3. Fixed-Mobile Convergence

Once upon a time, people used their room phones. However, the pervasiveness of mobile devices has relegated the conventional room phone to a vastly reduced role. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a role moving forward. The room phone of the future may serve as a hub for a larger connected experience.

Imagine a guest arrives at your hotel and pairs his mobile device to his room phone. Now he can use his mobile to control the TV and the sound system, perhaps even the blinds. He can use it to request a wake up call if he finds himself out late. You can let him know that his dry cleaning is ready, even if he’s across town at a meeting. And if he needs to take his call from your lobby into a cab so he doesn’t miss a meeting—the handoff from Wi-Fi to 4G is seamless.

It may sound like science fiction, but many of the pieces of this scenario are already available or in development. The guest of tomorrow will be more connected than ever before.

4. Guest Apps

The vision of the connected guest entails nearly every aspect of the guest experience. Something as complex as that needs a single hub from which to operate—and guest apps for personal mobile devices are the natural place to host all of these functions. A smartly designed guest app combines everything from deal notifications to hotel services to loyalty programs. If you see a guest used the group rate for a conference, you could use the app to electronically send your guest the event itinerary, complete with a map of meeting spaces where sessions will be held.

Most major hotels have some element of this picture in play already, and they’re adding capabilities every day. Some of the major flags are closer, but much of the technology and integration is still in development. Regardless of who gets there first, one thing is certain—the hotel with a truly connected experience will be full of very happy, very empowered guests.

5. Battle For Bandwidth

A smart phone. A laptop. A tablet. An e-reader. It seems like hospitality guests bring every Internet bandwidth-sucking device they own when they travel. And whether they’re travelling for business or pleasure, you can bet you’re going to hear about it if they can’t connect as quickly and reliably as they’re used to at home. But a hotel is not a home. You have to multiply those data needs by dozens, if not hundreds, of guests—possibly thousands if you land a big conference. It’s a huge strain and one that many of the best hospitality brands are working on. Whatever your solution, rest assured, the demand for bandwidth at hotels is only going to grow.

6. Location-Based Services

Much of this technology is in its infancy, but the implications are huge. Being able to understand where hotel staff and guests are located at any given time creates all kinds of opportunities to improve the guest experience—from being able to deliver services to guests while freeing them from their rooms to helping event staff operate more efficiently to turning over rooms more quickly and beyond. Some employee location-based features are already available using SIP-DECT, but this is just the beginning. This is a category to keep an eye on.

7. Tech Lounges

Airline check-ins. Local info guides. A place where guests can get out of their rooms but still access Wi-Fi to relax or get work done. The use cases for technology in hospitality seem to grow every year, and savvy hospitality businesses are transforming these guest desires into stylish semi-public spaces where guests can engage tech on their terms. Many guests are even beginning to include these kinds of technologies in their online hotel search criteria, so hospitality businesses that lack them may eventually find themselves at a disadvantage.


Already popular in the hospitality space and other industries in Europe, SIP-DECT is a mobility-enabling alternative to VoWLAN and radio-based networks that’s starting to get attention in North America.

Many SIP-DECT setups bring the kind of features usually found on a fixed network to mobile workers all over your hotel or campus without tethering them down to specific locations. Since hotel service staff, like housekeeping, valet, concierge, and event staff are often on the go, SIP-DECTa natural fit for hoteliers.

With relatively low cost compared to the alternatives, ease of deployment and quality, predictable voice quality, SIP-DECT is poised to take off in a big way.

9. Tech-Enabled Meeting Spaces

The modern meeting space has evolved. No longer is it about tables and chairs and nice serving carts. Modern meetings run on technology. Business people need to make multimedia presentations and videoconference remote attendees—sometimes both simultaneously.

And for the marathon meetings, they’d like access to services like catering with minimal interruptions. Most of all, smart hotels know they need these spaces to be as user-friendly as possible. The A/V rooms of the past that required dedicated engineers are no longer an option.

If you think these kinds of business needs are limited to boardroom-style conference spaces, you’re missing an important part of the picture—business customers are increasingly asking for advanced technology enablement in ballrooms and event halls, as well.

10. Social Listening

Guests have a lot to say about their experiences at hotels, but they don’t always say it directly to you. And in a hospitality world where word of mouth and online reviews have more influence every day, it’s one of the reasons that more and more hotels have started investing in social listening tools. These tools allow hotels to find out about guests’ wants, needs, desires, complaints and more—and jump into the conversation if it makes sense. Some even let you keep an eye on the competition. The Internet is treasure trove of business intelligence if you know how to look.


Webinar On Demand: Gamma Sip Trunk Call Manager

 Paul Craft, Cloud Specialist, Gamma; Paul Arigho-Crockett, Director – Enterprise Solutions, 4Sight Communications

SIP Trunk Call Manager (STCM) is a call management software which brings together a range of call control features and SIP trunk services. By adding SIP Trunk Call Manager to your service, you can benefit from a powerful business continuity solution the ability to fully manage all aspects of your inbound calls.

SIP Trunk Call Manager offers a comprehensive suite of inbound call handling tools, ideally suited to a business which places high value on the Customer Service provided to callers and those organisations looking to manage with incoming sales enquiries. Implementing call plans will effectively protect businesses from ever missing a call or enable them to make a step change in the way they handle business continuity.

SIP TRUNK CALL MANAGER offers many benefits, including:

  • Tailored Business Continuity – never miss a call
  • An enhanced SIP service – giving you full and direct control of your inbound numbers
  • A direct ISDN replacement – guaranteed savings on call costs and channel rental
  • 01, 02, 03 and 08 termination on subscribed Gamma SIP Trunks – no number translation
  • Easy management via an app and web portal
  • One point of contact providing your SIP trunks and call management via one simple solution

In this webinar, Paul Craft, Cloud Specialist from Gamma, will walk you through a live demonstration of the platform and explain how you can manage your entire inbound number estate through your SIP Trunks.

The webinar covers:

  • What is the SIP Trunk Manager Service and how it could benefit your business?
  • How to deliver Business Continuity through the hands of the end user.
  • How simple it is to configure and manage.


Introducing the new Mitel 6970 IP Conference Phone


The new Mitel 6970 IP Conference Phone is available for MiVoice Business. The Mitel 6970 is the conference phone designed to make meetings easier and more efficient. A large 7-inch color touch screen grants excellent visibility to an intuitive user interface for quick navigation to essential meeting information and functions. A tight integration with MiVoice Business and supported applications delivers a unique conference experience that will not be found with 3rd party devices.

Built-in Bluetooth 4.1 and MobileLink grant you the ability to seamlessly pair with Bluetooth enabled audio devices and expand the capabilities of your mobile phone. Enjoy crystal clear audio with high definition speaker and eight beam-forming microphones for 360° audio pickup. With the Mitel 6970 conference phone, your entire meeting experience will be effortless.

The integration with Mitel’s MiVoice Business platform sets it apart from third party SIP based conference phones resulting in unmatched ease of deployment, maintenance and use. The 6970 supports the full MiVoice Business telephony feature set allowing for exceptional flexibility in terms of how conference calls can be initiated. Users may choose to leverage the built-in ad-hoc conference call setup capability of MiVoice Business allowing for up to 8-parties to be added to a call or alternately they may prefer to set up a Meet Me or MiCollab conference bridge. Access to MiCollab conferences is greatly enhanced thanks to the support for the MiCollab Meeting Center application, which provides a list of conferences scheduled for the meeting room right on the phone with one touch bridge access – no need to enter a meeting ID or PIN.

6970 IP Conference Phone for MiVoice Business hardware features:

  • 7” 800×400 Color Touch Display
  • 16 programmable keys
  • 6 context-sensitive soft keys
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet Port
  • PoE power (802.3af)
  • Bluetooth 4.1 enabled
  • 360° microphone pickup via 8 beam-forming microphones
  • Mitel Hi-Q Audio Technology with high output speaker
  • 2 USB ports
  • 360° active call / mute indicators
  • Two touch mute buttons – one below the display and one on opposite side to allow muting from other side of table
  • Support for 2 optional wired extension microphones for larger board room support

The 6970 IP Conference phone for MiVoice Business software features:

  • Same installation and maintenance as all other 6900 series phones
  • Same telephony feature set as the 6940, including:

MiVoice Business ad-hoc conference call setup – add up to 8 parties to a call
One-touch Join Meeting (MiCollab Meeting Center) – on-phone list of today’s meetings for the meeting room
MiVoice Business Meet Me Conferencing
Out-of-box access to MiVoice Business Corporate Directory (no need to connect to an external LDAP Directory)
Hot Desking – make the meeting room phone your extension – same user interface & features that you have at your desk (join meeting room conference calls with confidence thanks to the familiar user interface)
MobileLink feature support – use the 6970 Conference phone for Cell Phone based calls, import Cell Phone based Contacts and Call Logs
Dynamic Extension support
Teleworker support


For more information about the new Mitel 6970 IP Conference Phone, please call us on +44 (0)20 3668 0444 or email 


Webinar On Demand: Unlock untapped value from your voice data


Panelists: Matthew Ludlow, Key Account Manager, Red Box; Paul Arigho-Crockett, Director – Enterprise Solutions, 4Sight Communications


4Sight Red Box

Voice is and will always be the most efficient and effective user interface ever invented. As a data set, it holds much more value than any other means of communication. Our webinar demonstrates how you can capture, secure and unlock the inherent value of enterprise-wide voice with Red Box, Mitel and 4Sight preferred partner for call recording solutions.

Hear how 4Sight are working with Red Box to help companies to transform the use of voice data by leveraging its power through Red Box’s extensive partner ecosystem including Salesforce, Microsoft, Nuance, Theta Lake, xDroid & Refract.


90% of businesses expect data-driven insight to become a key differentiator by 2020, but typically 67% of unstructured data (including voice) is currently locked or unable to be used for analytics. Organisations want to retain complete voice data sovereignty and secure access always, separating the capture layer from the application layer.


The Voice Data Controller from Red Box provides organisations with a seamless way to consolidate customer voice data within Salesforce® to provide a single view of customer interactions and unlock the value of enterprise-wide captured voice communications.

Register to watch:

Mitel Top Services Partner

4Sight Receives Mitel´s ‘Top Services Partner’ Of The Year Award

Nicholas Aikman – Mitel Director of Channels presenting the award to David Butler – Head of Solutions at 4Sight Communications. 


4Sight Receives Mitel´s ‘Top Services Partner’ Of The Year Award

4Sight has received the 2018 Mitel Top Services Partner of the Year (International Markets) award. This award was presented to us at Mitel’s 2019 International Partner Awards in London and comes in recognition of our outstanding knowledge and service delivery approach.

Being named Mitel’s Top Services Partner of the Year is an outstanding achievement by the 4Sight team. We’re delighted to officially stand out as a leader amongst so many notable companies and industry peers internationally. The award does not only recognise our technical and service excellence but also underscores the determination we share in making a difference to the clients we work with.

Through the years we have worked really hard delivering some of the most innovative and successful Mitel solutions for a large number of the leading companies and organisations in the UK and abroad.

Whether you’re an existing Mitel user or looking to become one, speak to 4Sight to find out how our Professional and Support Services can make a real difference to your organisation.

Mitel International Partner Awards

For more information about Mitel International Partner Awards and to see the full list of winners click here.


Webinar On Demand: Mitel Monitoring and Management with 4Sight Monitor


4Sight Monitor – Empowering Performance

Performance management and analytics have become a strategic requirement for business communications. 4Sight Monitor is a fault and performance management software specifically designed for Mitel solutions to deliver a proactive performance management of your entire network. The benefits of monitoring and managing network performance are reduced downtime, inefficiency, and immediate management of incidents – allowing you to increase productivity while being cost effective.

Join our NOC Services Manager – Chris Plimley as he walk you through a live demonstration to give you a better understanding of how the software delivers proactive system performance management with tools to detect, troubleshoot and address Mitel voice quality problems.

The session provides an overview and update on 4Sight Monitor including monitoring tools, alerts, remote access, analytics and reports that deliver additional insight on your network performance.

Register to watch:

Mitel Top Services Partner

Webinar on Demand: MiCollab Powering the Future of Communication & Collaboration


Making Communications and Collaboration Seamless

Register to watch our FREE collaboration webinar with Mitel to learn about all the great enhancements to MiCollab and how your organisation can benefit from them. Get the latest technology updates and discover Mitel’s next generation experience within Microsoft Skype for Business.

Led by Mona Abou-Sayed, VP Collaboration & Applications, Mitel and Thomas Källander, Global Product Manager for Mitel MiCollab, the session demonstrates how the latest Mitel technology provides customers with seamless communications and collaboration experience, unleashing the UC apps and platforms your organisation already uses to their full potential.

The webinar focuses on the MiCollab R 8.1, skype for business plugin as well as future product enhancements.
During the session, we discusses:

•The challenge with team collaboration
•New enhancements introduced that will improve the user experience
•How MiCollab can enhance a Microsoft Skype for business user experience
•Powering the future of collaboration into 2019 and beyond

Register To Watch

1. Learn about the new MiCollab Release 8.1 enhancement designed to unleash collaboration in your business.
2. Discover Mitel’s next generation experience within Microsoft Skype for Business.
3. Mitel technology road map for 2019.