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Webinar: Unlock untapped value from your voice data

Panelists: Matthew Ludlow, Key Account Manager, Red Box; Paul Arigho-Crockett, Director – Enterprise Solutions, 4Sight Communications
Date: 27 June 2019 | 2:30 PM – 3:00 PM BST


We’re delighted to announce our new webinar ‘Unlock Untapped Value From Your Voice Data’ that we are hosting with guest speakers from our partners Red Box, global leaders in voice capture.

Voice is and will always be the most efficient and effective user interface ever invented. As a data set, it holds much more value than any other means of communication. This FREE webinar on 27 June, will demonstrate how you can capture, secure and unlock the inherent value of enterprise-wide voice with Red Box, Mitel and 4Sight preferred partner for call recording solutions.

Join us to hear how 4Sight are working with Red Box to help companies to transform the use of voice data by leveraging its power through Red Box’s extensive partner ecosystem including Salesforce, Microsoft, Nuance, Theta Lake, xDroid & Refract.


90% of businesses expect data-driven insight to become a key differentiator by 2020, but typically 67% of unstructured data (including voice) is currently locked or unable to be used for analytics. Organisations want to retain complete voice data sovereignty and secure access always, separating the capture layer from the application layer.


The Voice Data Controller from Red Box provides organisations with a seamless way to consolidate customer voice data within Salesforce® to provide a single view of customer interactions and unlock the value of enterprise-wide captured voice communications.

Learn how to deliver a seamless, integrated experience that enables you to use your voice data to:

•Fuel analytics, insight and innovation.
•Understand and enhance performance
•Remain competitive, innovative and profitable
•Identify issues and create efficiencies
•Centralise your customer interactions

We hope you can join us, if you are unable to attend the live webinar, do still register and you will receive a copy of the webinar slides and recording – available to view at a time which suits you.

Mitel Top Services Partner

4Sight Receives Mitel´s ‘Top Services Partner’ Of The Year Award

Nicholas Aikman – Mitel Director of Channels presenting the award to David Butler – Head of Solutions at 4Sight Communications. 

4Sight Receives Mitel´s ‘Top Services Partner’ Of The Year Award

4Sight has received the 2018 Mitel Top Services Partner of the Year (International Markets) award. This award was presented to us at Mitel’s 2019 International Partner Awards in London and comes in recognition of our outstanding knowledge and service delivery approach.

Being named Mitel’s Top Services Partner of the Year is an outstanding achievement by the 4Sight team. We’re delighted to officially stand out as a leader amongst so many notable companies and industry peers internationally. The award does not only recognise our technical and service excellence but also underscores the determination we share in making a difference to the clients we work with.

Through the years we have worked really hard delivering some of the most innovative and successful Mitel solutions for a large number of the leading companies and organisations in the UK and abroad.

Whether you’re an existing Mitel user or looking to become one, speak to 4Sight to find out how our Professional and Support Services can make a real difference to your organisation.

Mitel International Partner Awards

For more information about Mitel International Partner Awards and to see the full list of winners click here.


Webinar On Demand: Mitel Monitoring and Management with 4Sight Monitor

4Sight Monitor – Empowering Performance

Performance management and analytics have become a strategic requirement for business communications. 4Sight Monitor is a fault and performance management software specifically designed for Mitel solutions to deliver a proactive performance management of your entire network. The benefits of monitoring and managing network performance are reduced downtime, inefficiency, and immediate management of incidents – allowing you to increase productivity while being cost effective.

Join our NOC Services Manager – Chris Plimley as he walk you through a live demonstration to give you a better understanding of how the software delivers proactive system performance management with tools to detect, troubleshoot and address Mitel voice quality problems.

The session provides an overview and update on 4Sight Monitor including monitoring tools, alerts, remote access, analytics and reports that deliver additional insight on your network performance.

Register to watch:

Mitel Top Services Partner

Webinar on Demand: MiCollab Powering the Future of Communication & Collaboration

Making Communications and Collaboration Seamless

Register to watch our FREE collaboration webinar with Mitel to learn about all the great enhancements to MiCollab and how your organisation can benefit from them. Get the latest technology updates and discover Mitel’s next generation experience within Microsoft Skype for Business.

Led by Mona Abou-Sayed, VP Collaboration & Applications, Mitel and Thomas Källander, Global Product Manager for Mitel MiCollab, the session demonstrates how the latest Mitel technology provides customers with seamless communications and collaboration experience, unleashing the UC apps and platforms your organisation already uses to their full potential.

The webinar focuses on the MiCollab R 8.1, skype for business plugin as well as future product enhancements.
During the session, we discusses:

•The challenge with team collaboration
•New enhancements introduced that will improve the user experience
•How MiCollab can enhance a Microsoft Skype for business user experience
•Powering the future of collaboration into 2019 and beyond

Register To Watch

1. Learn about the new MiCollab Release 8.1 enhancement designed to unleash collaboration in your business.
2. Discover Mitel’s next generation experience within Microsoft Skype for Business.
3. Mitel technology road map for 2019.


Webinar: Mitel Contact Centre Technology Update

Making Digital Customer Communications a Reality!

Register to watch our free Contact Centre Technology webinar and learn how you can develop your Mitel Contact Centre Platform to deliver a connected digital customer experience, using integration, automation as well as social, web and real-time customer service tools.

In this 1 hour session a team of product experts and consultants from Mitel, 4Sight and Talktative explores the latest Contact Centre technology, together with an update on the recent MiContact Centre Version 9 software releases including:

Omnichannel Enhancement
Web Ignite Enhancements
REST API Toolkit
Open Media
High Availability
Read/Write Capability with leading CRM systems

As an additional highlight: Felix Winstone from Talkative, a Mitel Development Partner, demonstrates how you can enhance your Contact Centre with real-time WebRTC tools as a new communications channel.

Interested in transforming your customer experience from dated to digital?

For more information about our Contact Centre solutions click here. To speak to one of our Communications Specialists call us on (0)20 3668 0444 or email


4Sight Crowned Mitel´s ‘Top Services Partner’ Of The Year

4Sight Communications Awarded ‘Top Services Partner’ at Mitel’s Next ‘2019 International Partner Awards’

We are extremely proud to announce that 4Sight Communications has been awarded Mitel’s Top Services Partner (International Markets) at the recent Mitel’ 2018 International Partner Awards, held in London on Thursday 28 February 2019.

This award has special meaning to our customers and all at 4Sight, as it officially recognises our outstanding knowledge and service delivery, and these are areas that we work exceptionally hard to differentiate ourselves.

This is a great achievement and we’re delighted to officially stand out as a leader amongst so many notable companies and industry peers internationally. The award does not only recognise our technical and service excellence but also underscores the determination we share in making a difference to the clients we work with.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for choosing 4Sight and for the trust they continually place in us. We couldn’t have achieved this without their support!

2019 is shaping up to be a very exciting year of new enhancements across the Mitel portfolio and we look forward to sharing these with you in the coming weeks and months.

Mitel International Partner Awards

For more information about Mitel International Partner Awards and to see the full list of winners click here.


Avaya End of Support for the CS1000

As of April 2019, Avaya is officially ending the support for the release 7.6 and prior versions of the CS1000 platform. What are your options if you’re looking for a replacement for the CS1000?

In short, this means that Avaya will no longer continue to develop the software or product the parts. With Nortel PBXs being widely deployed across a range of organisations, the end of support for the CS1000M harware is quite significant as these systems can very easily fall out of service.

Failure to upgrade your telephone software could be risking your business much more than you think.

The support for the CS1000 series set will end in April 2019. For customers with the CS1000M, plans to replace the CS1000M need to start today to be ready for the transition.

Replacing an on-premises system like Avaya’s CS1000 can take a significant amount of effort and investment. Here at 4Sight we have an alternative to keeping on the same old platform and having a costly upgrade. For any organisation looking to replace the CS1000, MiVoice Business provides robust functionality and a smooth transition for Avaya CS1000 users.

Transitions are never easy, but with the right partner, your transition can run as smoothly as possible. And transitions like this can be a great opportunity to take stock of your communications infrastructure and strategic plan. Look for communications partners who are willing to work with the investment you’ve already made into your system, and who can operate with your existing ethernet and non-ethernet phone lines to deliver the features of an IP phone no matter what infrastructure you’re starting with.


What’s new in Mitel’s Unified Communications portfolio?

New updates now available for every major Mitel Unified Communications platform

Mitel has announced updates to its flagship Unified Communications solutions to provide organisations more advanced voice, collaboration and contact centre capabilities for enhancing productivity and delivering better customer service.

These latest releases reflect Mitel’s commitment to providing tailored communications and collaboration solutions that drive customers’ digital transformation. Designed to increase speed to innovation, Mitel’s product roadmap also delivers high levels of security and enables businesses to leverage emerging technologies like IoT and AI to solve today’s problems and prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.

The newly expanded capabilities include the following:

MiCollabmultiple customer interface enhancements that make it even easier for employees to talk, meet and share information using Mitel’s leading collaboration offering, a single solution that brings communications and collaboration tools together to simplify the way people work.

MiVoice Businessthe addition of a next-generation containerization software architecture to drive speed to market for applications and business efficiency software upgrades for one of the industry’s most advanced mid-market communications solutions.

MiContact Center Business and MiContact Center Enterprise expanded omnichannel capabilities for MiVoice 400, MX-ONE and MiVoice 5000 that enable businesses to leverage web, chat, voice and social media interactions to provide a seamless customer experience. 

Mitel SIP-DECT   – 4th-generation SIP-DECT technology that brings a new portfolio of base stations and feature enhancements to the full line of Mitel cordless IP and SIP devices, solving companies’ vertical-specific mobile communications requirements. 


10 Characteristics of an Agile Organisation

With an increase in employee requests for remote working and flexible hours, the businesses that will stay ahead of the curve are those that are willing to introduce measures to ensure they are flexible. Using unified communications is essential to the nature of agile business. We uncover the characteristics of a truly agile business, so you can see how yours compares.

  1. Supports flexible working hours

Your business must embrace the 24/7 availability culture or lose out to forward thinking competitors. That’s not to say that you must remain open 24/7 but, particularly when in a customer-focused business, if the customer has a way of communicating with your business in times of need (for example if a fault occurs) then it helps to have measures in place to support them.

  1. Can manage remote working

For maximum agility your employees should have the ability to work from anywhere, at any time. The agile business fully embraces flexible working.

  1. Ability to scale capacity quickly and easily

By investing in cloud-based services, businesses can access a solution that gives them the ability to scale their lines quickly and easily to meet demand.

  1. Can cope with seasonal peaks seamlessly

Rather than paying for unused capacity, the agile business can scale resources, meaning they will only ever have to pay for what they need.

  1. Able to respond to customer needs quickly and appropriately

This means wherever, whenever, however and most importantly, quickly. By using unified communications tools, businesses need never miss another call.

  1. Energises the workforce with new technology

New technologies give your staff access to the tools they need to succeed, meaning that you’ll see a rise in employee productivity and satisfaction levels.

  1. Integration with line of business applications

Truly unified communications support integration with existing line of business applications, such as Microsoft Lync (soon to be Skype for Business). This will help to further enhance productivity and efficiency.

  1. Remains fully compliant

The agile business uses the most up-to-date technology to ensure they remain compliant at all times. For example, this can include the ability to record calls.

  1. A fixed, monthly cost

Cloud-based telephony allows businesses to pay for what they need in one fixed, monthly payment. This will include installation, handsets and maintenance. This means you’ll be able to account and budget for your full communications spend each month.

  1. Embrace consumerisation

Agile businesses support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Allowing your staff to use their existing handsets will not only save you money it will also ensure your team are contactable at any time.


4 Must-Ask Questions When Exploring Cloud Solutions

No two cloud communications solutions are alike
To find one that fits your needs, there are 4 questions you should ask...

With so many cloud communications options available to you, it can be difficult to begin your research. Even with the abundance of resources available, the information is usually general and doesn’t mention your specific needs.

If you’re responsible for any element of your business communications strategy, knowing the most important questions to ask will put your business on a strong path to the cloud. Learn the four questions you should ask any business communications supplier.