Web Chat Customer Contact Solutions

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WhatsApp & Virtual Agent

Automate enquiries with a virtual agent and connect into WhatsApp to transform contact centre productivity

Virtual Agent

- AI-powered virtual agent resolves enquiries and boosts efficiency
- Deploy standalone or hand-off to live agent chat queues
- Leverage existing FAQs and build up conversational flows


- Real-time customer messaging with chat through WhatsApp
- Supports image transfer, emojis and message history
- Manage standalone or integrate into your contact centre agent client

WhatsApp & Virtual Agent can be deployed rapidly into your existing contact centre environment

A Complete Digital Customer Contact Platform


Enhanced Live Chat

Efficiently service website/app visitors with PCI & GDPR compliant chat, real-time translation and nudges.

Video Chat

Provide an on-demand video experience in your website/app to delight customers and provide remote support.


See, understand and solve customer problems in realtime with secure cobrowsing and screensharing.

Mitel & Salesforce Integrations

Talkative can be used standalone or embedded into existing systems such as Mitel MiCC and Salesforce.

reduction in chat abandonment


increase in available agents


increase in enquiries


increase from text-to-chat sales


WebRTC Solutions for Mitel Contact Centre

Real Time Contact Centre Communications

Transform your Mitel Contact Centre with Talkative’s digital customer service functionality. Integrate voice, video calling and cobrowsing directly into your Mitel Contact Centre to deliver a connected digital customer experience.

Contact centres have evolved over the years and continue to change at a rapid pace. From interactive voice response (IVR) to omnichannel communications and personalised interactions, your customer expectations have never been higher.Talkative's solution allows you to embed voice, video, chat and cobrowsing between your website and your existing Mitel Contact Centre. Offer your customers an unrivalled customer experience and top customer service with real-time interactions and conversations.

WebRTC Calling, Chat and Cobrowsing within Mitel Contact Centre

One Platform For All Website Enquiries

With Talkative’s solution you can provide the seamless journey-wide experience your customers are looking for when they need to move between chat, voice, and video conversations with contact centre support.



Robust, user friendly human-to-human communication channel. Seamless call centre integration and works alone or combines with Talkative’s other products.


Let your customers call you from within your website. Simply embed voice calling and receive calls to your existing phones. No plugins, sing-ins or downloads required.


One-way or two-way video calling embedded into your website, leveraging WebRTC technology. Seamless call centre integration and works alone or combines with Talkative’s other products.


Safe, secure and industry compliant interactions between your agents and website visitors. Annotate documents, show and help users with their website experience.

Talkative's Mitel Integration

MiContact Centre allows you route Talkative communications using Mitel’s routing engine, handle interactions within Ignite as well as to report on Talkative within Mitel.

Talktative’s sophisticated web chat functionality helps manage chat volumes and enables you to escalate chats into web calls. Convenient web calling drives more requests to your agents. Cobrowsing and screensharing allows to solve customer problems and reduce call times. Talkative’s solution also offers the ability for WebRTC powered video calling giving the ability for highly personalised customer service with real-time face-to-face interactions and conversations.

Seamless MiCC Integration

- Assign Talkative interaction capabilities to agents
- Single reporting stream within Mitel analytics
- Functionality accessed within Ignite agent client
- Queueing and routing performed by Mitel
- Escalate web chat into a call in the same session