Mandatory MiCollab 8.0 Upgrade For Apple iOS Users

Mandatory MiCollab 8.0 Upgrade For Apple iOS Users

This is an important notice for all MiCollab installations with Apples iOS devices of the need to upgrade MiCollab servers to release 8.0 ahead of the introduction of the new MiCollab iOS mobile client.

Mitel requires a server upgrade to ensure full functionality for Apples iOS devices. All MiCollab deployments that use the iOS MiCollab mobile client must update to MiCollab release 8.0 and Mitel Border Gateway (MBG) release 10 to ensure full operations of the MiCollab iOS client going forward.

Apple iOS (and soon to follow Android) are changing their underlying technology that will impact on the way you work. The MiCollab client is currently using an approach that requires a constant connection to the server in the background to get calls, chats, and MiTeam invitations. This approach has several technical disadvantages in a mobile use case scenario like battery time impact and connection issues when moving between different networks (Wi-Fi to mobile) to name a few.

Being aware of these issues Apple have redesigned their interfaces for the client to provide a ‘push notification service’ that is more suitable for mobile device use cases.

The knock-on effect of this is, in the upcoming iOS releases, the way in which MiCollab manages call notifications will no longer be supported and to address this change MiCollab 8.0 will support the new push notification service.

Due to the auto update of client apps via the mobile app stores, admins usually have limited control over the application versions running on the end users mobile phone. Therefore, the update to MiCollab 8.0 Client software will happen automatically, which will result in an incompatibility with MiCollab server releases 7.3 PR1 and previous versions.

What happens if the MiCollab server is not upgraded prior to the client release?

End users will realise the impact immediately after they updated the MiCollab client.

  • If the MiCollab app is put in background mode, the client will not be able to receive server notifications. Incoming chats and softphone calls will not be displayed neither are e.g. MiTeam notifications.
  • In many scenarios, the client will operate normally though. For example, if MiCollab is running actively in the foreground connections are established and all features are working.
  • If the client is in the background and CFWD or forking to the mobile number is active, incoming calls will still be routed via the mobile network. Therefore, a call is not lost but the client behaviour would not be what the users expect.

What action should you take?

All affected customers should take advantage of their Mitel SWA and update the MiCollab Server to release 8.0 prior to upgrading the MiCollab clients for iOS to 8.0 release. So contact your 4Sight account manager to discuss this further.

The server will be available a couple of weeks before the mobile clients to give administrators time to schedule the according maintenance window. Mobile clients are usually updated automatically once published by the according mobile app stores. The current estimated release date of MiCollab 8.0 from Mitel is 31st Aug 2017.

Impact can be further mitigated by informing the relevant users to turn auto-update of their applications OFF and, furthermore, not upgrading to iOS 11 when it is released.

MiCollab Upgrades

For more information about MiCollab upgrades, please contact your Account Manager.  Alternatively call us on (0)20 3668 0444 or email

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