Paul Brazier

4 minutes with Phil


What do you do at 4Sight?

I look after the performance and development of our Large Enterprise Service framework. This is a broad statement but in reality it is a fine art with a very definite structure to understanding and delivering the right mix of services and knowledge that empower our clients to make decisions with confidence.

What kind of experience do you have?

I have worked within the communications industry since 1992. Over the last decade I have worked exclusively in the large enterprise arena where I have helped many organisations understand how they can deliver Unified Communications technologies. With the size’ complexity and geography of these clients I have gained valuable knowledge and experience in the design and management of bespoke technical services and service management frameworks that continue to deliver exceptional quality and value for money in the UK and abroad.

Where would you rather be (if not working)?

Playing golf and walking my dogs. I really enjoy being outside in the fresh air, whether that’s walking the dog or playing golf with my pals. I love the countryside, and all that comes with it, including good traditional pubs.

Tell us something that you do really well?

I really enjoy understanding issues and forming trusted relationships between our clients, our staff, and our business partners. All too often I have seen clients that are frustrated and confused with their service. I make sure all parties are informed and motivated as a team to achieve outstanding results.