Meet the Leadership Team: from Strategy to Technology

It would be easy to point out the decades of experience and the many achievements shared by our impressive leadership team to differentiate us from others. But what unites us as a team more than anything is our passion for what we do and the determination we share for empowering our staff to excel at what they do and bring new ideas through to fruition. The desire to be the best at what we do starts with the leadership team but that desire comes alive and becomes reality because of the strength of the people throughout 4Sight. Doing a great job is rewarding for us all and the fuel on which we drive forward.

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I understand people and know how to help them be the very best they can be.

Simon Turner
Managing Director

I am the Managing Director and a Founding Partner. I manage the day to day wellbeing of our staff, clients and business. A key part of my role is our strategy and how we can continue to innovate in ways that make a real difference. We have built our reputation and achieved recognition for our commitment to service and we remain as focused as ever on our work to replace ordinary and OK with exceptional and excellent. Send me an email or just give me a call.

Dedication, loyalty, understanding and expertise is a winning formula!

Richard Bampfylde

I am involved in leading the board and focussing on the strategic objectives of the business,  supporting Simon’s plan and helping to create the right environment and attitude so our customers receive the level of professional expertise they deserve and the team the job satisfaction they deserve. Send me an email or just give me a call.

I make sure all parties are informed and motivated as a team to achieve outstanding results.

Phil Bradley
Enterprise Solutions Director

I am a board member and partner. I look after the performance and development of a large enterprise customer. Responsible for the day to day management of our onsite team, working closely as a trusted advisor developing relevant strategies and supplier relationships to exceed the expectations of the larger enterprise client. In keeping with our mantra of “challenging the status quo”, it is important to look beyond the obvious if you want to be relevant. Send me an email or just give me a call.

Listening, understanding, evaluating and designing are all key elements of my role.

David Butler
Head of Solutions

One of the founder members of 4Sight and Head of Solutions, I am responsible for the operational side of the business. I am actively engaged across the business from solution evaluation & adoption to design, implementation and solution delivery. I work closely with my peers within 4Sight to ensure our product set is the right fit, not only for 4Sight as a business but, most importantly, our customers.

Send me an email or just give me a call.

I truly believe people work with people they like and trust, that is key to business.

Paul Arigho-Crockett
Enterprise Sales Manager

My role at 4Sight is to manage the Account Management and Direct Marketing Teams as well as developing and managing customer relationships. This includes current customers and new business opportunities offering advice on current and future technologies and working with our customers to plan and develop business strategies to meet their voice and data requirements and beyond. Send me an email or just give me a call.

Achieving where others have tried and failed is always a great feeling.

Kevin Russell
Head of Technical Services

I manage and develop the technical support services delivered by 4Sight. I am a person of detail and I really enjoy the forensic nature of what we do. Just fixing a problem is not good enough for me; as I want to know why it happened and how we prevent it from happening again in the future. Send me an email or just give me a call.