Mitel 5200 End of Support: What You Need to Know

Mitel 5200 End of Support: What You Need to Know

In an ongoing effort to maintain an effective product portfolio, Mitel have decided to withdraw the support for the 5200 series sets in its next major software release of MiVoice Business 9.0.

The 5200 series sets, originally designed in 1999, have been retired from sale for approximately 8 years now. With the major technology advancements, particularly in transport and security protocols, as well as the processor and memory resources, not capable of performing the tasks required of a modern IP phone, Mitel has decided to fully withdraw its support for the 5200 range.


In short, this means that Mitel will no longer continue to develop the software or produce the parts. Whilst we expect the phones to operate as normal, should any issues arise after the upgrade to release 9.0, Mitel reserves the right to not fix specific issues isolated to the 5200 series sets operation.


The support for the Mitel 5200 series set will end with Mitel next release of MiVoice Business 9.0 which is expected to be due in the first quarter of 2018.

Customers can either, ensure all 5200 series sets are replaced prior to upgrading to release 9.0 or remain on MiVoice Business 8. Standard Mitel support policy would state that MiVoice Business 8.0 versions including SP’s will continue to be fully supported until the release of MiVoice Business release 10.0 which would be anticipated in mid 2019.


At the time of release of 10.0, the 8.x stream becomes unsupported. However, for customers who request extended support and who subscribe to premium Software Assurance, Mitel will extend support of the 8.x stream until July 2020.

Here at 4Sight, we recommend that you transition away from the 5200 series sets to the current desktop portfolio for a fully supported solution. To assist you with your transition, we have designed a progressive range of exclusive upgrade and enhancement offers. For more information about our offers and to discuss your options, please contact your 4Sight Account Manager. Alternatively call us on (0)20 3668 0444 or email

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