Mitel 6930t IP Phone Overview

The 6930t IP Phone is made from plastics that are protected with a silver-based treatment from BioCote Limited that inhibits the growth of certain viruses and bacteria on phone surfaces by up to 99.9%*. Ideal for power users in shared workspaces who need a phone that can be tailored to their specific communication needs. MobileLink enables the user’s mobile phone to pair directly with the 6930t using the embedded Bluetooth 4.1 interface to deliver access to many of the features of the mobile phone on the desk phone.

The 6930t affords users the flexibility to tailor the phone for specific needs through a broad array of end user installable add-on accessories including a unique Bluetooth cordless handset option.

Redesigned Handset

The phone features a redesigned handset that minimizes crevices and holes that might collect germs, dirt, and grime. The handset’s smooth surfaces and hard-wired cord make for easy cleaning, facilitating a more hygienic device.

Antimicrobial Testing

The phone’s plastics surfaces are protected by treatment with a compound from BioCote that is shown to inhibit certain virus and bacteria growth on the phone’s surfaces by up to 99.9%* as per independent laboratory testing according to the following ISO Standards:
• ISO 22196-2011**
• ISO 21702-2019**

Mobile Integration

The 6930t IP Phone’s MobileLink mobile device integration seamlessly marries mobile phone call audio, contact and call log information with the desktop phone. Calls to the mobile phone can be answered on the 6930t just like any other call leveraging the superior audio performance and ergonomics of the 6930t.

Mitel 6930t IP Phone Features

  • Built using plastics protected with an antimicrobial treatment shown to inhibit certain virus & bacteria growth on the phone’s surfaces by up to 99.9%*
  • 4.3” (480×272 pixel) color display
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • MobileLink mobile device integration
  • Support for optional Cordless handset
  • Enhanced full-duplex speakerphone
  • Programmable & Context Sensitive keys
  • Highly customizable via broad array of optional add-on accessories

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