MiVoice Business Software Upgrade Matrix

Collaboration technologies and omni-channel communications will be intrinsic to more and more business processes. After all, successful businesses rely on the seamless sharing of diverse thinking and experience, even if teams are separated by geographical distance. Sales teams, customer service agents and other departments, require integrated systems that not only keep them in contact with their teams, but improve the customer experience at a time in which communication is more important than ever.

Every year, updated software for your system is released offering access to new capabilities and protection from security risks. To help you understand how much you’re missing out on, your system’s manufacturer, Mitel, has provided this Migration Matrix to demonstrate exactly which capabilities you could have access to immediately after a simple software update. Download the guide, choose your current version of MiVoice Business Software and we’ll show you what you’re missing out on.

This Migration Matrix was first published by Mitel.

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