Price changes to Mitel 5300 handsets and peripherals

Price changes to Mitel 5300 handsets and peripherals

Mitel has announced a price increase of between 4-5% on their 5320e, 5330e and 5340e IP Phones and select 5300 peripherals. The new prices are effective from Tuesday 1st May 2018.

With the introduction of the new Mitel MiVoice 6900 Series, sales of certain 5300 IP Phone have sharply declined in all regions. The decrease in sales volumes has resulted in higher manufacturing costs due to a decline in economies of scale.  

This decline has also had an impact to the manufacturing cost of certain 5300 IP Peripherals. The price increase is limited to the following phone models and peripherals: Mitel 5320e IP Phone, Extended Warranty 5320e IP Phone, Mitel 5330e IP Phone, Extended Warranty 5330e IP Phone, Mitel 5340e IP Phone, Extended Warranty 5340e IP Phone, Gigabit Ethernet Stand v2, Line Interface Module UK.

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For further information about this price change or to obtain a quote please call us on (0)20 3668 0444. We offer a comprehensive line of Mitel Telephone Systems including IP phones, consoles, conference phones, and peripherals suited for organisations and business of all sizes. To find out more click here

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