Tips For Creating a Voice Disaster Recovery Plan

Nowadays, organisations can’t afford a single minute of downtime. Communications outages can result not only in the loss of revenue and productivity, but also can have long-lasting impact on reputation of your company. Yet, according to research from Databarracks, there is a growing gap between businesses when it comes to preparing for disruption. Businesses with a disaster recovery plan in place:

• Small organisations (30%)
• Medium-sized organisations (54%)
• Large organisations (73%)

Of course, no two disaster recovery plans are alike and the risks will differ by size, industry and setup. However, the consequences of not having a plan in place are universal.

What does this eGuide cover:

As the adage goes, ‘prevention is better than cure’. Our ebook highlights how everyday resilience is the best foundation to disaster recovery planning, and identifies the practical ways that businesses can keep voice functioning and put preventative measures in place to reduce telecoms downtime.

Download eGuide below:

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