8 Warning Signs Your Business Phone System Is Outdated

8 Warning Signs Your Business Phone System Is Outdated

If you’re not prepared to upgrade your business telephone system, you could be left behind…

It’s very easy to make a case for upgrading your business’s IT system. The new operating systems will be faster and more efficient, while the latest software will bring new features. Moving forwards is usually the best direction, but often the business phone system is left overlooked.

But, staying with an outdated telephone system could mean you are missing out on greater efficiencies and cost savings. It could also be restricting staff productivity and having a damaging impact on your customer service department. You could also be spending more than necessary. Phone systems don’t become outdated overnight; the process can take years. As your organisation grows and new applications and technologies are being introduced, your existing telephone systems can struggle to provide the functionality and flexibility needed for these changes.

Whether your telephone system is 4, 7 or 10 years old, technology is always changing and your office telecommunications infrastructure should be up-to-date to keep up with it.

There are various warning signs that your existing phone system may no longer be the best fit for your business:

• Is your telephone system getting increasingly expensive to maintain?

• Are you reliant on a third party to make necessary changes to the system?

• Can an issue take hours or days to resolve resulting in considerable downtime?

• Are you using disparate phone systems across your organisation, resulting in inconsistent business processes? For example, is customer service being handled differently across the enterprise?

• Are you using bolt-on solutions to get your phone system to interface with key business applications?

• Is your phone system struggling to cope with increasing call volumes or seasonal spikes?

• Has your phone system stopped offering all the functionality your organisation now requires?

• Does your phone system make it easy to roll out new sites or is always challenging to get new lines installed and integrate these sites with the rest of the business?

If your phone system is showing any of these warning signs, then it’s time to consider updating to a modern system!

Updating your business telecoms system can make it easier to gain maximum ROI through improved efficiencies, increased productivity and reduced call costs. Employees can do more with less time. Customer service can be enhanced and the downtime caused by a disaster at a site can be greatly reduced or even eliminated.

Still unsure whether now is the right time to upgrade?
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