Coffee and Chat

Book a coffee and chat with one of our communication solutions experts

Is your communication suite really up to the challenges of a modern day workplace?

Over the past few years we have seen a huge shift in the way business operate. Work from home and hybrid work places are now commonplace. 4Sight Comms have seen many changes to work place communication infrastructure over this time, with more and more companies opting to move communications to the cloud.

We have witnessed a shift in utilisation of telecoms equipment businesses are using. These once all singing and dancing solutions are now no longer fit for modern usage. If there is one thing we can all agree upon is under-utilisation costs businesses money.

What is a coffee and a chat?

As technology evolves and businesses adapt to modern work practices, it has never been so important to review the technology being used inside the organisation.

Grabbing a coffee with one of our solutions team, is a great way of having an informal chat with a communication expert first hand, to get free, honest, experienced advice. We have our finger on the pulse of every new products coming to market, expert knowledge of how to increase utilisation and ultimately our specialists know how to streamline and save businesses money.

Having a chat with one of our solutions experts is a great way to kickstart your digital transformation. We can give you a top level review of the services you're using, how they are working for you and how you could improve. These informal chats are the perfect way to get honest and expert advice without having to spend money on a formal review process either internally or external.

Benefits of booking a coffee and a chat

  • Reduce Business Costs: Our aim is to understand how you use your current communications systems, make recommendations to reduce costs and save money.
  • Increase Productivity: We will give industry insights and techniques on how to get the most out of you system, to increase productivity and streamline processes.
  • Increase Security: Regularly updating software and maintaining infrastructure can prevent data breaches, our experts can advise on how best to keep your data secure.
  • Identify Choke Points: Blockers inside an organisation are not always easy to see, especially when you are used to a way of working. Our experts are trained to spot these choke points and can identify strategies for clearing the road.

Book a coffee and chat to get free, honest, experienced advice