CX (Customer Experience) Solutions

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Your business lives and dies by its customers, and your customers expect more now than ever before. Today’s customer journeys are omnichannel, seamlessly moving between phone, email, SMS, web chat, social media and in-person communications.

Giving customers the flexibility to engage with you on their preferred media is crucial to retaining existing customers and attracting new ones. At the end of the day, customers want their journey to feel personal.


Exceed Customer Expectations

Retain customers and attract new ones by engaging them on their preferred device and media.

Measure and Manage Effectiveness

Analytics tools that measure employee productivity and management tools to increase effectiveness.


Achieve Success Metrics

Increase customer satisfaction, lower customer effort and improve net promoter scores.

Are you ready to transform Customer Experience?

Mitel powered by Google Cloud: Artificial Intelligence in Contact Centres

Revolutionize customer interactions

Revolutionize customer interactions with Mitel’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) contact centre and call centre solutions that transform your customer experience.

End-to-end contact center solutions that let you incorporate AI into the core of customer experience. Do more than meet customer expectations by handling more inquiries, regardless from what device they’re coming through, and making sure each interaction is effective and on-brand.

Talkative WhatsApp & Virtual Agent Solution

WhatsApp & Virtual Agent can be deployed rapidly into your existing contact centre environment

With Talkative’s WhatsApp enhancement, you can automate enquiries with a virtual agent and connect into WhatsApp to transform contact centre productivity.

- Real-time customer messaging with chat through WhatsApp
- Supports image transfer, emojis and message history
- Manage standalone or integrate into your contact centre agent client

Talkative WebRTC Calling, Chat and Co-browsing within Mitel Contact Centre

One Platform For All Website Enquiries

With Talkative’s solution you can provide the seamless journey-wide experience your customers are looking for when they need to move between chat, voice, and video conversations with contact centre support.

Sophisticated web chat functionality helps manage chat volumes and enables you to escalate chats into web calls. Convenient web calling drives more requests to your agents. Co-browsing and screen sharing allows to solve customer problems and reduce call times.


Dashboard for your wall display

The accurate visualization of customer experience, subdivided into graphs, figures and images that are essential for your call center agents.

CardBoard is a well-arranged dashboard that displays your real-time data on a display. With this you optimize the Customer Experience (CX) and improve the performance of agents (AX). works with Mitel MiCC and Genesys PureCloud and PureConnect.

Improve the Caller Experience

Give your consumers friction-free, voice-driven access

Harness the power of voice and enable your customers to speak naturally and connect directly when they call you on the phone. No long hold times, no confusing menus, no numbers to press on a dial pad.

Parlance Caller Experience for Switchboards

Deliver an excellent caller experience and brand impression — every caller, every time.

Make it fast and easy for your callers to get where they need to go in your voice network. No menus. No lengthy instructions. Just an intuitive interaction that sounds and feels like a live operator.

Parlance Caller Experience for Call Centers

Improve call center efficiency and enable pleasing self-service.

Allow your valuable agents to meet increasing call load demands and raise customer satisfaction. Combining the latest in speech recognition technology with innovative caller interaction capabilities, Parlance call center solutions emulate a live agent to meet a variety of self-service needs.

estos ProCall 7 Enterprise

Show presence and enable easy communication

At ProCall Enterprise, presence management has always been the basis for the flexible workplace and working time models. The newly prepared user interface of the ProCall client enables quick and easy clarification of the availability of a contact. This is the ideal information basis for choosing the most sensible communication channel.

estos ECSTA series

Versatile combinations. Exploiting the possibilities.

The ECSTA series as middleware enables communication between your telephone system and the Microsoft Windows world. By implementing the system protocol CSTA in the Microsoft TAPI standard, numerous added values for improved communication arise.

estos MetaDirectory

LDAP server for easy access to contact data

MetaDirectory merges different databases into a single, consistent LDAP directory that can be used company-wide. This makes relevant data such as telephone numbers and other contact details available to all employees in the company. The intelligent preparation of the data enables easy searching and fast presentation of the results – even with large databases.

Noetica Outbound

Enjoy all the benefits of predictive dialling without any of the associated risks

Without compromising on dialler performance, Noetica developed a set of new and original technologies, under the SmartBound™ banner, which challenge the orthodoxies that have dominated the dialler industry for too long. SmartBound™ allows users to enjoy all the benefits of predictive dialling (including Answer Machine Detection or AMD) without any of the associated risks which have been accepted as unavoidable for many years.

Noetica SNoDrop™

High performance, predictive dialler that does not drop any calls

SNoDrop™ delivers high performance predictive dialling with 0% abandoned calls (ACR) by leveraging methods derived from call blending techniques in a new and original way.

Noetica SABRE™

Skills & Ability Based Routing Engine

When using SABRE™, each outbound campaign or inbound queue is assigned a “skill condition” which designates a particular skill as the most important for that campaign or queue. Each agent has a set of skills and an ability score (0-100) for each skill.

Noetica LPD™

Live Person Detection

LPD™ solves the perennial problem of automatic detection of answering machines of all kinds, including voicemail and network answering services. It does so in a manner that is guaranteed not to generate any silent calls whatsoever.

RedBox Voice Solutions

Unrivalled voice service and connectivity

Red Box offer vast expertise, flexible deployment options and an open API philosophy when it comes to voice capture. Uncover key insights from voice data with their Quantify recording platform and have complete control of your conversational data.