Wide Area Networks

The cost associated with deploying a Wide Area Network (WAN) is one of the primary challenges facing IT departments as they look to upgrade their existing infrastructure. WAN upgrades are essential to support expanding businesses and increasing data capacity requirements, but migrating to a new WAN is seen as a risk to day to day operations.

Smart Wires Technology

Exponential-e designs and deploys our Smart WAN solution over their Smart Wires network. Smart Wires uses VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Services), extending the plug-and-play functionality from the LAN across a wide area by facilitating the creation of a completely private virtual cloud to which you can connect all of your sites. Smart WAN provides any-to-any connectivity and access to Exponential-e’s managed services platform across this cloud. Importantly for security, we also keep these services separate from each other.

The Smart WAN service from Exponential-e is designed to meet both the cost challenge and migration risks associated with the deployment of multi-site Network infrastructure by offering a pricing model based on the number of sites making up the Network topology.

Our Smart WAN solution comes with the option of Internet, Exponential-e’s business-only private Internet service which includes a fully managed centralised firewall. For businesses looking for a multi-site WAN with a single central security boundary and Internet gateway providing protection from unauthorised access and other security threats, the combination of these two Exponential-e services is ideal. The fully managed centralised firewall service from Exponential-e is based on purpose built, large enterprise-class security appliances and hosted in carrier-class Data Centres. Exponential-e is based on purpose built, large enterprise-class security appliances and hosted in carrierclass Data Centres.

• Fibre-based WAN solution.
• Multiple bandwidth options: 10 Mbps, 25 Mbps, 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps up to 1Gbps in 100 Mbps increments, then up to 10Gpbs in 1Gbps increments.
• Circuit bandwidths available options: 100Mbps, 1Gbps and 10Gbps.
• Complete managed solution with our Ethernet Demarcation Device (EDD) and managed router as standard.
• Option to add back-up for additional peace of mind.
• 6 levels of QoS to ensure traffic is prioritised according to business requirement.
• Comprehensive end-to-end SLA based on availability, latency and packet loss.
• Available with Internet service: business-only.
• Internet with managed centralised firewall.

Control the costs of your Wide Area Network

• Use your Wide Area Network to give you access to multiple services.
• Faster and more reliable remote access to applications and data.
• Better able to manage high-speed data traffic.
• Delivered over 100GigE core Network.
• End-to-end SLA for true peace of mind.
• Enterprise-grade security


High Performance Wide Area Network

Prioritise business critical applications and drive your business forward with low-latency WAN solution with simplified management, increased agility and tangible cost savings

Extend your LAN into your WAN with Exponential-e’s VPLS Technology

Exponential-e is the UK’s pioneer of corporate Networks delivered using Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS). VPLS is a Layer 2 Network technology that allows geographically-diverse locations to connect together as if on the same Local Area Network (LAN).

Customer-Orientated Networking

Intelligent dynamic distribution of bandwidth and six levels of CoS enables you to manage your WAN to best support your business communications and applications.

End-To-End QoS for Peace of Mind

Our Technology – VPLS combined with EDD enables us to guarantee end-to-end Quality of Service on all of our circuits. Proactive fault management alerts you of Network problems before you know they exist.

LAN Like Simplicity

VPLS effectively extends the plug-and-play functionality from the LAN across a wide area Network, allowing Customers to control their own IP addressing schema and routing.

High Performance

Achieve high performance with our high capacity 100GigE network, with almost non-existent packet loss and guaranteed ultra-low latency (no router hops).

A Single Gateway & Security Boundary

Unique deployment of our fibre connections managed with our Ethernet Demarcation Device (EDD) means we monitor and maintain your Network without interfering with your on-site equipment.

Extend the functionality of your WAN

Our WAN solution can easily be combined with Exponential-e’s Internet-Centralised service which includes a Managed Centralised Firewall. We also provide managed routers and managed firewalls on-site if required.


Software Defined WAN

Secure, smart and fast

Extend your LAN into your WAN with Exponential-e’s VPLS Technology

Based on the principles of Software defined networking (SDN), SD-WAN allows Network administrators to programmatically initialise, control, change, and manage Network behaviour dynamically. It’s essentially decoupling the infrastructure from the service using software-definition and network functions virtualisation (NFV). However you wish to connect your services, SD-WAN provides the flexibility to utilise multiple access technologies, which enables the agility and resilience required in today’s ever-changing world.

Exponential-e's SD-WAN architecture is a fully managed, hybrid, low-latency private WAN / Internet service with any-to-any connectivity to a number of services - be it Cloud, branch sites, SaaS or more. SDN solutions integrate seamlessly with homogenous layer 2 VPLS Network architecture to apply fast and secure network management all the way from a user's device right across the Network to your data centre and Cloud infrastructure.

The exponential growth in cloud services adoption is driving demand for greater automation, premium user experience and secure, simple control of your networking services. Exponential-e enables organisations to easily control, scale and deliver services more quickly.

Accelerate the delivery of your services and significantly reduce your WAN costs through greater operational efficiency, IT automation, faster deployments and direct Connectivity to your cloud applications.

Guaranteed Up-time

Auto-failover and redundancy guarantees stability and QoS for your mission-critical apps.

Improved Security

Built in end-to-end encryption ensures the security of your data both in-flight and in the Cloud.

Efficient Cloud Connectivity

Speed up access to your applications by connecting with a single hop to multiple cloud estates at ultra-low latency.

Virtualised Branch Offices

Access seamless Connectivity and management of remote sites, using multiple networking technologies for more advanced service delivery.

Simplified management and AI

Take back control and manage your Network via our SD-WAN portal. Take advantage of Network analytics for instant performance optimisation.

Improve application performance

Whether your mission-critical apps are hosted on premise or in the Cloud, SD-WAN will improve performance and QoS.

Faster delivery of business objectives

With SD-WAN, deployment happens in days, as opposed to the 3-4 months you get with traditional MPLS. Broadband and 4G integrates seamlessly into the SD Network.

Software Defined Data Centre (SD-DC)

Exponential-e’s SD virtualisation starts from inside our Data Centre and runs across the entire Network, delivering speed and efficiency straight from the user to the heart of your cloud applications.

Easy cloud estate management

Connect and manage multiple cloud estates via a single-pane-of-glass. Our Cloud Management Platform integrates seamlessly with SD-WAN.

Lower network costs

Simplify your Network by taking out the routers and firewalls at the edge. SD-WAN delivers 60% savings over MPLS.

MPLS integration - or replace it

SD-WAN can supplement your existing MPLS Network or replace it for lower TCO.

Improve video and voice apps

Contact centre, Voice and video response times are enhanced for greater end-user experience.


Software Defined WAN for the Home

Empower your remote workforce with ultra-secure, high performing connections to their home network

With home working now the new norm, application performance is an increasing concern, with multiple devices competing for bandwidth as they remotely connect to the corporate network. Furthermore, the range of threats to network security is much larger, due to numerous unsecured IoT devices connecting to the home router.

SD-HOME - Exponential-e’s Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solution for home working - maximises quality of service (QoS) for critical business applications by utilising SD-WAN technology for bandwidth prioritisation, supported by a robust cyber security network.

All the benefits of SD-WAN, tailored for home networks

SD-HOME maximises the availability of business-critical applications to home workers, irrespective of service provider or access technology, while extending your corporate security and compliance polices to the home network. SD-HOME integrates seamlessly into your existing Corporate WAN, maintaining a secure overlay network, over which your corporate resources can be delivered, enhancing user experience, productivity and effectiveness.

The “smart home” can have a massive impact on the remote worker, not only restricting business-critical connectivity, but exposing weaknesses in home internet security that, in turn, affect the corporate network security system.


Bandwidth Prioritisation and QoS for Critical Business Applications

Using enhanced application recognition and control, we can apply bandwidth and QoS priority to critical business applications. This safeguards against bandwidth monopolisation by home streaming and gaming apps, such as Netflix or Fortnite, while maintaining control of data security and access to the corporate network.

Corporate-level Security

Seamlessly extend the corporate network security policy into the home, with full separation from personal and IoT devices, powered by Exponential-e’s own security ecosystem, which has earned numerous network security certifications.

Enhance Application Performance

SD-Home is able to route select applications to the Corporate Security Hub for UTM whilst offloading SaaS apps direct to the internet.

Additional Resiliency

Direct connectivity into the Corporate WAN via a Secure Overlay Network additionally helps to reduce the load on Central Security and VPN aggregation infrastructure.