Government Communications Solutions

For government institutions, delivering high quality services is of paramount importance. However, with budgets being cut and the pressure on to make savings, public sector institutions need to explore new sustainable solutions for service delivery – solutions that can that can enhance customer experience and outcomes through improved service levels at the same or reduced cost.

4Sight provides communications solutions that help public sector organisations meet their challenges by reducing communication complexity, integrating disparate applications, and tying communication services directly to business processes. We have over 25 years’ industry experience during which we have delivered some of the most innovative and successful solutions for a large number of the leading organisations and institutions in the public sector.

Our Government Solutions

Solutions that make it easy to:

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Free staff to be productive anywhere
  • Protect and maximise existing investments
  • Connect multiple sites
  • Manage all devices on a single platform
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery

Enabling Real-Time Communications

We bring together a range of communications applications including voice, video and data services into a single environment to improve operational processes and enable your staff to connect and collaborate more effectively.

Unified Messaging

Our Unified Messaging application provides intelligent call handling features such as auto attendant and message management of voice mail, fax and email.


Our Audio, Web and Video Conferencing applications provide features like desktop and application sharing, multi-point video conferencing, and participant management.

Mobile Applications

Our Mobility Solutions extend unified communications and collaboration to smartphones and tablets allowing you to work anytime, on any device, regardless of your location.

Team Collaboration

Our Team Collaboration application creates virtual workspaces for team-based meetings, conversations,  content sharing as well as project management. 

Document Management

Our Document Management application allows users to store important files in public or private areas and share desktops, presentations, software applications, graphics and data of every kind. 

Processes Integration

Enhance communications and productivity with integration to other business applications, such as CRM, Outlook, Lotus Notes, IBM Sametime, Google and many more.

Customised Solutions for Every Challenge

We understand the commercial and operational challenges faced by public institutions, whether you are looking to reduce costs, improve service delivery or simply refresh your existing communications, we can build a solution based on your specific needs.

I need to...

Reduce Costs

We can integrate communications into existing infrastructures without requiring a significant system upgrade, with us you can also migrate to IP at a pace that suits your needs.

Improve Service

Enhance the productivity of your staff with intelligent call handling and routing, reduce the number of abandoned calls and provide better service to your citizens.

Facilitate Collaboration

With audio, web and video conferencing as well as collaboration applications you can facilitate interaction and communication between staff, external agencies and community.

Consolidate My Communications

With 4Sight you can centrally manage all locations which reduces large system management and support costs delivering a substantial return on investment.

Enhance Staff Mobility

Using our mobility solutions you can provide staff with an “in-office experience” anywhere and anytime, on any device.


Improve Operational Efficiency

Our hot desking applications eliminate the need to provide a dedicated phone for each employee. Instead, you can make a pool of shared phones available on a first-come, first-served basis.