Mitel and Microsoft Teams Integration

Enable calls in Microsoft Teams using your existing Mitel MiVB solution

Recognised and approved by both Microsoft and Mitel, this best-in-class, cloud-based solution is a powerful addition to your communications infrastructure. Easy to deploy, it is available as-a-service for a low monthly subscription and delivers significant productivity benefits.

Call2Teams™ is a cloud service that connects Microsoft Teams to your Mitel MiVB on-premises or cloud communication solution. It enables you to utilise the power of your existing Mitel MiVB, Contact Centre, Call routing, Unified Communications and Call recording whilst adding Microsoft Teams users into the fold.

There is no requirement for additional hardware or software to install. You can unite all users under a single collaboration platform, using Microsoft Teams, or operate a blended environment to meet the needs of individuals and/or user groups by offering collaboration, messaging and voice across all device options.

No need for additional hardware or software deployment

Use your existing Mitel MiVB on-premises or cloud solution

Global solution recommended by Microsoft and Mitel

The quickest and easiest way to enable Calls in Microsoft Teams

  • Redefine how your current Mitel platform is used
  • Call2Teams™ can be evaluated without risk or disruption
  • Evaluate using one of our free user trials on offer today
  • Retain the enterprise functionality and performance of your Mitel platform.

Get ready for a solution that combines Mitel Enterprise Communications and Teams Collaboration

call2teams infographic with ms office 365 and Mitel MiVB