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Setting new standards in Mitel design, performance and support

Welcome to 4Sight Communications, a leading Mitel Platinum Solutions Partner, offering an innovative approach to the provision of solutions and services within the telecommunications sector. We are a company with new ideas and a refreshing approach backed by a 25 year track record of delivering excellent service in the communications industry. We work exclusively with Mitel technologies supporting mid-sized and large organisations across all industries.

Mitel Solution Design

We develop detailed designs for Mitel Voice Platforms and associated applications to provide mobility, collaboration, contact center solution, and messaging.  Our technical consultants can work with your team to define timelines, resource effort, and work plans to support the recommended solution.

Mitel System Support

We offer a comprehensive Mitel System Support Service which can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of your business. Our proactive service model mitigates issues before they arise and underpins the reliable performance of your business critical systems allowing you to focus on your strategy and business growth.

Mitel System Audit

The audits we do are detailed and confidential documents that offer a great insight into the operational wellbeing of your Mitel platform and associated applications. Our audits are carried out by our senior technical staff and highlight the potential for better technology use, performance, cost savings and best practice configuration.

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Proactive Support

We are delivering our clients a proactive service model that mitigates issues before they arise and underpins the reliable performance of their business critical systems, to allow them to focus on their strategy and business growth. This allows us to focus our attention on time to fix rather than time to respond.

Our pro-active approach ensures that we work with you and the manufacturers to ensure your solution is relevant, updated and improved to meet your longer term business needs.

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Why Partner With 4Sight Communications?

We are the Mitel Experts

We are highly experienced Mitel solutions experts, transforming business’ communications. Our technical team holds Mitel accreditations at a Platinum level for Voice, UC & Contact Centre Technology.

We are Proactive

We don’t just fix things, we focus on preventing problems from happening in the first place. Our proactive service model mitigates issues before they arise and underpins the reliable performance of your business-critical systems.

We are Problem Solvers

We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box when it comes to turning your legacy systems into a real business asset. We make suggestions for improvements and provide solutions to enhance and extend the life of your current systems.

We are Innovators

We are pioneers and leaders in Mitel Remote Monitoring, Analytics and Service Management. Our staff are fully trained in Mitel Communications systems to provide you with a proactive and knowledgeable account management.

We Educate

We pride ourselves on our expertise and knowledge and ability to educate our clients on how your communication tools should help to make you money, not cost money. With 4Sight, you get honest advice about products without the hard sell.

We are Passionate

We love what we do! Our success stems from our passion for technical and service excellence, and the determination we share in making a difference to the clients we work with.

Some Facts About Our Service

From Development to the Delivery of Performance, We Don't Compromise at Ant Level

98% of faults are resolved in less than 3 hours
96% of service requests receive engineering support in less than 15 minutes
99.4% of our customers are delighted with our service (CSAT for January 2021 - December 2021)