Contact Centre Solutions

Contact Centre Solutions

Your business lives and dies by its customers, and your customers expect more now than ever before. Today’s customer journeys are omnichannel, seamlessly moving between phone, email, SMS, web chat, social media and in-person communications.

Giving customers the flexibility to engage with you on their preferred media is crucial to retaining existing customers and attracting new ones. At the end of the day, customers want their journey to feel personal, and an omnichannel customer experience provides that.

Enhance your customer experience, agents’ productivity and operational efficiency with highly sophisticated contact centre technology that integrates with existing communication infrastructure and delivers the single, personal service, your customers deserve.

From connecting customers to the right person, to managing your workforce and monitoring quality of service, the right technology can transform your customer experience from dated to digital.

Making Every Contact Count

4Sight provides Call Centre Solutions that help business of all sizes to serve their customers while improving employee productivity and controlling operational costs. We offer services, and expertise to support your customer experience strategy every step of the way.

Empower Customers
Empower customers to interact with your organisation in the medium of their choice—voice, email, SMS, fax, social media, web chat, or multimedia self-service.
Ensure Agent Productivity
Provide your agents a single interface to manage interactions across all channels, with all the relevant customer information and necessary tools to ensure efficient and speedy resolution.
Manage Efficiently
Our contact centre management and reporting applications provide a rich tool-set for business and operational insight into your contact center’s performance.
Streamline Operations
Simplify operations with a single point of configuration and administration for all forms of customer activity. Quickly and easily create highly flexible, integrated routing workflows for all media.

Multichannel Contact Center Solutions

Provide your customers the flexibility to choose the method of contact that makes the most sense for them at any given time, and enable your organisation to deliver the same fast and seamless customer experience across all channels. With our Multichannel Contact Centre solution you can empower your customers and staff with highly sophisticated email, chat, fax, SMS social media and digital self-service capabilities.

Exceed Customer Expectations
Retain customers and attract new ones by engaging them on their preferred device and media.
Measure and Manage Effectiveness
Analytics tools that measure employee productivity and management tools to increase effectiveness.
Increase customer satisfaction, lower customer effort and improve net promoter scores.

Mitel MiContact Centre

The all-in-one contact center solution

Mitel MiContact Centre is the ultimate contact centre application designed to maximise the efficiency of all contact centres. From small contact centres with a few agents to a large multi-site call centre, Mitel’s MiContact Centre has a solution for you.

MiContact Centre applications empowers your agents with the technology that allows them to handle customer enquiries quickly and effectively and equips your supervisors with a set of tools to manage and monitor quality of service.

Mitel MiContact Centre Business

The all-in-one contact center solution

Enterprise-grade, omnichannel customer experience management platform designed to power customer-centric organizations from a private cloud call center.

Major shifts in customer expectations have brought new challenges to the way your business delivers customer experience. 90 percent of consumers check your website before interacting with your company, and most customers would rather interact through digital channels like web chat, SMS, chatbots and social media. Mitel’s MiContact Center Business platform is designed to give your customers the freedom to interact with you on their preferred device, using the media that works best for them while giving agents and supervisors the tools to manage today’s omnichannel customer journeys.

Mitel MiCloud Flex Contact Centre

Improve Quality & Control

MiCloud Flex Contact Centre provides companies the sophisticated yet easy-to-use tools they need to manage, measure and optimise call centre performance. It combines the Mitel communications platform, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and a modular suite of feature-rich, cloud-based applications for streamlining contact centre management and resolving customer inquiries from the first point of contact.

AI Contact Centre and Call Centre Solutions

Reliable. Easy to use. Hassle-free to switch.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing today’s customer experience landscape. AI contact center and call center solutions have advanced beyond basic efficiencies. Now, cutting-edge capabilities such as automated assistance, advanced analytics, real-time coaching and intelligent advice to agents are just a few of the AI contact center features transforming customer interactions.

Mitel offers a number of end-to-end contact center solutions that let you incorporate AI into the core of customer experience. Do more than meet customer expectations by handling more inquiries, regardless from what device they’re coming through, and making sure each interaction is effective and on-brand.

Mitel Inbound Contact Centre

  • Tools for Optimising the Customer Experience
  • Future-Ready for Investment Protection
  • Resiliency and High Availability
  • Easy integration with your PBX, UC and external applications

Mitel Outbound Contact Centre

Mitel's Outbound Contact Centre solutions are ideal for organisations looking to equip their outbound call centres with preview, progressive, power and predictive dialling. Benefit from:

  • Enhanced Customer Service Delivery
  • Actionable Insights and Reporting
  • Intelligent Lead Management
  • Painless I.T. Management