Retail Communications

With intense competition for customer loyalty, and the need to generate new multi-channel revenue streams, retailers need smarter ways to manage their communications for maximum benefit while minimising process costs. 

4Sight provides provides retailers with Mitel communications and collaboration solutions to allow the flexibility and simplicity needed to support today’s competitive and ever changing multi-channel retail environment. Our solutions are designed to reduce costs; increase staff responsiveness, improve customer service and enhance the shoppers shopping experience.

Our Retail Services

Solutions that make it easy to:

  • Consolidate all your communications
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Connect multiple sites, branches and shops
  • Coordinate customer service across multiple channels

Customised Solutions for Every Challenge

Our retail communications solutions target customer loyalty and attraction, employee communications, and chain store operations.

I need to...

Reduce Communication Costs Across the Chain

We can integrate communications into existing infrastructures without requiring a significant infrastructure upgrade, you can also migrate to IP at a pace that suits your needs.

Improve and Enhance Chain-Wide Communications

With our advanced unified messaging applications, store managers can access and manage e-mail, voice mail and faxes by phone,e-mail and web interface or by using speech commands. With video conferencing, at the touch of a phone button video calls can be initiated between the head office and stores.

Increase Staff Productivity and Responsiveness

Our collaboration applications give retailers a single access point for all business communication and collaboration needs. It provides real-time access to everyone in the organisation, on or off the premises, and enhances the effectiveness of “in the moment” communications.

Increase Customer Loyalty
and Revenue

With a centralised contact centre, customer inquiries can be directed to product or department specialists to better address customer needs. 

Transform Customer Service Across All Channels

We provide a range of contact centre solutions that offer everything from simple responses to customers at the store level, to handling customer inquiries by phone, fax, e-mail and social media feeds via central or distributed contact centres.

Consolidate My Communications Architecture

With 4Sight you can centrally manage all locations which reduces large system management and support costs delivering a substantial return on investment.