Mitel Solutions Audit and Consultation

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4Sight comms thought leaders in everything Mitel are offering all companies utilising Mitel solutions, a full and comprehensive solutions audit and consultation, absolutely free!

That's right you heard correct. 4Sight leaders in Mitel solutions are offering a completely free audit and consultation service. This service alone normally costs more than £2,000, get in touch today to take advantage of this fantastic offer.

What is a Mitel Audit?

A Mitel Audit conducted by 4Sight Communication in simple terms; is a process by which our consultants learn how your business is currently utilising its Mitel solutions. We identify choke points, inefficiencies, and cost saving that could be made, as well as potential growth opportunities. One of the biggest benefits of our audit is to ensure your systems are secure and compliant. We have listed a wide range of benefits below.

How to arrange your Mitel audit

To take advantage of this great offer, all you have to do is fill out the form on this page. One of our Mitel experts will get back to you for some more details. Don't worry we don't employ any hard sales tactics, this really is an opportunity for you to make sure your communication system is secure against data breaches and compliant. We help you understand more about how you can get the most out of your Mitel solution. The best thing of all, with this offer it is free!

4Sight Comms are Mitel Platinum partners. We work with hundreds of Mitel customers offering top level service and support.

Key benefits of a 4Sight Audit

  • Save you money

    Our Mitel solutions audit often identifies cost savings on products or services that are not needed or could be combined to save money. On average our audit identifies hundreds of pounds of savings each year.

  • Increase Security & Compliance

    Security is high on everybody’s agenda.  Ensuring that your platform is robust and compliant is essential in maintaining reliable communications.  A 4Sight audit will help you achieve and maintain this key objective.

  • Save Time

    Time is perhaps the most valuable asset any business has. Do you have enough man hours to complete all tasks in a day. A 4Sight Comms Mitel Consultation will identify areas where time can be won back in a day through optimising your Mitel solutions to best fit your organisations structure.

  • Increased Productivity

    Getting the most out of each employee, in a post pandemic world has never been so important. With more and more businesses moving to a hybrid working model, with employees working remote and in the office. 4Sight have many clients facing similar issues. Our Mitel consultation service will come up with some ingenious ways on to increase productivity without sacrificing on client or employee satisfaction.

  • Identify Choke Points

    Over the years 4Sight have seen countless clients experiencing choke points in their Mitel solutions. This could be the business has evolved since initial implementation of the solution, and is no longer ticking all the boxes required, or perhaps there has been a change in legislation that affects how your business operates. These are areas that 4Sight Comms will identify in your Mitel audit and consultation. We will come up with clear actionable points to help your business succeed.

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Claim your free Mitel Audit worth over £2,000 today.

How does a Mitel audit work?

A Mitel solutions audit from 4Sight is carried out by our senior technical staff. We arrange convenient times and dates to conduct our comprehensive audit. We will review your entire communications environment, platforms and current working practices. We will then compile a list of recommendations, tailored to your business on how you can improve your communication solutions.

Our communications audits are always considered confidential documents, as such we will never share them with third parties. Our audits are comprehensive enough to give you clear insight to any potential issues, including opportunities to save money, improve efficiency and save resource time. We will come back to you with an overall operational wellbeing score of your Mitel platform and any associated applications.

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We get to know your business

We take great care and attention to gain a deeper understanding of your business and its needs. We don’t do ‘one size fits all’ audits, as we understand that every business is different.

We will take time to review your complete communications infrastructure, workflows and device usage to build a better picture of your solution and more importantly… how you use it. It is very often that communication platforms are underutilised, badly setup or poorly understood within the organisation.

We will also look at your current expenditure. Mitel solution platforms cost a lot of money to an organisation, there is no point in having a bells and whistles communications solution if all you need is the bells. Our audits aim to identify any potential cost savings.

Consultancy Services

4Sight Comms, a Mitel Platinum Partner offer comprehensive consultation services, aimed at making the most out of your communications environment. Conducted by our senior telecoms experts we get to know your business and offer up tangible and effective solutions for your business.

All support packages that 4Sight offer come with our consultation services as standard. This enables us to deliver efficiency and performance enhancing solutions and ideas.

It is the opportunity for 4Sight to understand your business and working practice before we make any recommendations. Our experience is that many Mitel users are falling along way short of the potential of the solution and feel that their incumbent is reactive rather than proactive to their needs. Many continue to be sold additional licences and applications that duplicate resources or just will not work in the required environments.