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Make communication simple with RingCentral

The best solution for Mitel customers to upgrade to the cloud

RingCentral has dominated the cloud comms marketplace for a long time, so much so they have partnered with Mitel to become their exclusive unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) partner, RingCentral offers the most seamless and pain-free way to upgrade to the cloud.

RingCentral cloud based communications

RingCentral one of the leading platforms for voice over internet protocol services. VoIP in a simplistic way enables users to make telephone calls over the internet instead of using a traditional hard line. This enables businesses to be more flexible in their operation, whilst still meeting the demands of their business.

4Sight has a cloud communication solution no matter your company’s size or use case. We work collaboratively with our partners to find the best way to upgrade your Mitel systems, thanks to migration tools no other vendor offers. Between RingCentral MVP and Customer Experience solutions, we have everything you need to connect employees and wow customers.

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hybrid work solutions from 4sight with RingCentral

Solutions for hybrid work

Hybrid work-place have become the norm in the 21st century. Businesses need to adapt to a more flexible business model and require a communication platform that suits these needs.

RingCentral is the perfect products for businesses working in a hybrid model. It offers enough flexibility to get the job done, along with the reliability and scalability of a more traditional solution.

Embrace hybrid work with the exclusive unified communications-as-a-service partner for Mitel customers. RingCentral is the only provider with custom migration tools designed in collaboration with Mitel to make your transition seamless.

RingCentral has it's head in the clouds

RingCentral enables teams around the work to work seamlessly together. Employees who find themselves travelling, working remotely or in and out of the office can maintain 100% of their function thanks to RingCentral's UCaas technology.

RingCentral uniforms users expereince for employees, whether working in or out of the office, or which ever device they choose, from laptop to smart phone.
Worldwide Reliability
RingCentral offers local cloud service in 44 countries, international phone numbers in over 100 and There are 34 geo-independant data centres.
Cloud-based infrastructure can reduce the need for physical hardware on site, allowing businesses to scale user base up or down at the click of a button. Features are always up to date.
Contact centre integration
RingCentral's integrated solution connects agents with background knowledge, to enable them to complete tasks efficiently and effectively.

RingCentral’s migration tools are the perfect fit for Mitel customers

Keep your handsets! Mitel’s 6900 series is RingCentral MVP-certified and integrates seamlessly into your cloud communications.

As a Mitel Platinum Partner, 4Sight is ideally placed to manage your migration to the cloud. As the exclusive UCaaS partner for Mitel customers, RingCentral is the logical choice for organisations looking to embrace the agility of cloud communications.

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Get in contact with 4Sight Communications, to discuss your communication requirements. RingCentral offers some unique products to deliver business success. The 4Sight solution experts are on hand to give you the information you require to make an informed decision.