Healthcare Communications Solutions

With an increasing demand for services, an ageing population, and significant cuts in budgets, healthcare institutions need to look at every possibility to improve their operations. Yet, fast and reliable communications are the foundation of an effective healthcare system. Whether you’re looking to improve communications at your GP clinic, in hospital, CCG organisation or care home, 4Sight can design technology around your specific needs. 

We offer a wide range of Mitel healthcare solutions designed to help healthcare organisations to deliver high-quality healthcare and streamline their day-to-day operations. Our intelligent mobility, collaboration and unified communications solutions connect healthcare for faster, cheaper and more effective outcomes. 

Our Healthcare Services

Solutions that make it easy to:

  • Enhance the delivery of patient care
  • Consolidate all your communications
  • Protect and maximise existing investments
  • Give employees greater flexibility and mobility
  • Keep your costs in line
  • Manage all devices on a single platform

Enabling Real-Time Communications

We bring together a range of communications applications including voice, video and data services into a single environment to improve operational processes and enable staff, nurses, doctors and patients to connect and collaborate more effectively.

Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging provides sophisticated yet easy-to-use call handling features such as auto attendant and message management of voice mail, fax, and email.


Our Audio, Web and Video Conferencing applications provide features like desktop and application sharing, multi-point video conferencing, and a web-based collaboration viewer.

Mobile Applications

Our Mobility Solutions extend unified communications and collaboration to smartphones and tablets allowing you to work anytime, on any device, regardless of your location.

Team Collaboration

Our Team Collaboration application enables collaborative workspaces for team-based meetings, conversations, content collaboration and project management.

Document Management

Place important files in public or private areas for future use and share desktops, presentations, software applications, graphics and data of every kind. 

Processes Integration

Enhance communications and productivity wit integration to other business applications, such as CRM, Outlook, Lotus Notes, IBM Sametime, Google and many more.

Customised Solutions for Every Challenge

We understand the commercial and operational challenges faced by healthcare organisations, whether you want to improve staff collaboration, unify front desk operations or simply refresh your existing communications, we can build a solution around your specific needs.

I need to...

Enable Patient-Centric Care

With a single communication platform your staff can respond to patient needs quickly and maintain admin requests in a timely fashion.

Embrace the Latest Technology

We provide both cloud and  on-premises voice solutions, as well as contact centre call handling, monitoring and reporting features.

Control Communications Costs

Our advanced collaboration solutions help streamline day-to-day operations without requiring a significant infrastructure upgrade. 

Unify Front Desk Operations

With Mitel MiContact Center and MiVoice platforms users can automate reminders, route inbound callers and make announces when patients arrive at a facility.

Provide a Safe Environment

Mitel MiVoice platform  provides features such as direct voice transmission between patients and staff, ensuring that patient needs are addressed around the clock.


Ensure Business Continuity

Our MiVoice Resiliency feature and battery backup capabilities allow for constant up-time even when servers or networks are affected.

Improve Operations

Text-based alerts, E-911 support and quick communications options mitigate risk and help staff handle emergencies when they arise.

Facilitate Collaboration

Simplify diagnoses and obtain second opinions by collaborating and sharing information with colleagues worldwide.