4Sight Monitor Mitel Performance Analytics

4Sight Mitel Monitor and Analytics

Mitel Performance Analytics

4Sight Monitor (Mitel Performance Analytics) is a fault and performance management software specifically designed for Mitel solutions to deliver a proactive performance management of your entire network. Utilising the latest Mitel monitoring technology, diagnostic tools and expert processes, 4Sight Monitor delivers proactive system performance management with tools to detect, troubleshoot and address Mitel voice quality problems. The benefits of monitoring and managing network performance are reduced downtime, inefficiency, and immediate management of incidents – allowing you to increase productivity while being cost effective.

4Sight Monitor


Know when a voice quality problem is happening.


Identify the cause of the problem quickly.


Resolve problems before they can impact users.


Immediate management of incidents.


4Sight Monitor delivers network performance management with the aim to ensure the network is up and running at peak operation. In the event thresholds are exceeded, an alarm will be sent to the designated network administrator or technician immediately. Alarms are received instantly allowing for troubleshooting of problems and addresses them before they become business impacting. Alarms are sent using different forms of notification methods; email, SMS, Twitter, and SNMP traps.

Additionally, 4Sight Monitor generates detailed monthly reports showing key performance information including; the location of an event, duration, and any root cause of threshold breaches. By using 4Sight Monitor to document and report all problems, network managers have the ability to analyse trends, ensure capacity plans mitigate future issues, and ultimately improve system performance.

4Sight Monitor Features:

Continuous Performance Monitoring

Monitor the status and performance of Mitel and third-party systems in the network.

Alarms & Alerts

Real-time alerts give IT professionals timely, actionable data on network issues, so problems are resolved faster.

Testing & Site Qualification

Identify the source of a problem quickly, for faster resolution.

Secure Remote Access & Single Sign-On

Easily access network devices anywhere in the world, for more efficient troubleshooting & maintenance.

Reports & Analytics

Reports demonstrate network and device performance, improving capacity planning and trend identification.

At-A-Glance Status Dashboards

Well designed dashboards make it easy to identify the most critical issues.

Advanced Group & User Operations

Simplify common management & administration operations.

Simple Deployment

Whether you’re licensing one device or one thousand, MPA makes it simple.

Get 4Sight Monitor Free with Mitel Premium Software Assurance

4Sight Monitor is available as part of the Mitel Premium Software Assurance subscription. Stay current with the latest Mitel Platform software releases, bug fixes and security enhancements, while having access to Mitel’s expert support services whenever you need.

If you presently have an active Mitel Software Assurance, contact our team on +44 (0)20 3668 0444 or email info@4sightcomms.com to find out if you are eligible for a free 4Sight Monitor.

Key Benefits

  • Continuous Performance Monitoring

  • Real-Time Alerting for Fast Problem Detection

  • Secure Remote Access and Testing Tools for Faster Problem Resolution

  • Shifts Support Model From Reactive to Proactive, Detecting and Preventing Problems Before User Impact

  • End-to-End Network Performance Management of Mitel and Surrounding Network

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