Hospitality Communication Solutions

Service has always been the key differentiator in the hospitality sectors. But, guest expectations for hotel services have shifted beyond waiter, maid or room service. Today’s customers book rooms online, complete their check in at kiosks, order room service on their mobiles and share their experiences via social media. 

4Sight provides the complete range of Mitel communications platforms to suit the needs of all hotels—from small to large, and from economy to luxury. This comprehensive suite of solutions helps hotel owners and restaurant operators to deliver a connected experience for guests, increase performance and productivity, and attract and retain more customers.

Our Hospitality Services

Solutions that make it easy to:

  • Improve guest experience
  • Consolidate all your communications
  • Attract and retain more customers
  • Increase performance and productivity
  • Keep your costs in line
  • Manage all devices on a single platform

MiVoice for Hospitality

The Mitel MiVoice for hospitality is the ideal professional solution for communication and administrative tasks in hotels and businesses offering
guest management services. You can deploy MiVoice on property, in a private cloud or a in a public cloud as a service.

MiContact Center for Hospitality

In today’s digital age, guests are more tech-savvy than ever before. Rapidly evolving and omnipresent technology has led to dramatic changes in both how customers are contacting your hotel and what customers expect from your service. Learn how Mitel Multimedia Contact Centre Solutions can help you transform your customer service from dated to digital.

MiCloud Hospitality Applications Suite

4Sight delivers advanced communications applications that help address some of the key challenges faced by the modern hospitality provider.


iCharge enables front and back office applications to be connected within a single hotel or across multiple properties. A comprehensive set of call accounting features enable hotel staff to manage billing for guests and administration teams.


InnLine is a fully featured hospitality messaging application focused on the needs of guests and hotel staff. In addition, InnLine delivers a range of system wide features including multilevel auto attendant.


iConnect enables your guests to federate their own mobile devices to their room over WiFi. Their mobile device becomes an extension of the hotels voice system to enable guest mobility throughout the property

IP Connect

IPConnect provides flexible ‘High Speed Internet Access’ bandwidth management and billing for wired and wireless guest connectivity.


The iPGS mobile application delivers relevant ‘in moment’ content to enrich the users experience. The application cab be used to promote revenue generating guest services.


HotelMGR automates and tracks guest service quests, facilities requests and scheduled maintenance to improve guest service. Hotel MGR can be integrated into Mitel wireless handsets and mobile devices to improve operational efficiency.