Smarter, Faster Cloud Communications

The Cloud has completely revolutionised the way we connect and communicate. Increasingly, more and more organisations are replacing the traditional and complex communications systems with cloud-based communications that increase productivity, lower costs and boost customer service.

4Sight offers a range of Mitel and Exponential-e communication products and applications that enable fast access to real-time management information and productivity enhancing tools.

Benefits Snap Shot

4Sight can virtualise your communications and business applications to give your organisation the ability to adapt quickly as business requirements change. Our clients benefits from:

From the initial set up to the ongoing management cost, cloud solutions offer the opportunity to leverage the latest technology at a low cost.
Reduce the burden on your own resources and release your in house expertise to focus on driving the future of your business.
Leverage your existing investments and use the cloud technologies to enhance those elements of your business that offer the best return on investment.
With the right cloud solution you can protect the integrity of your operation and offer secure flexible working options to your staff wherever they are.

Cloud Solutions

We offer a range of Cloud Communications Solutions all of which deliver enterprise level features and functionality regardless of the size of you business. Whether you are looking to implement Cloud Storage or Cloud Telephony, our solutions are designed around your company’s individual needs.

Flexible Deployment Methods

4Sight offers a full range of cloud deployment methods to fit your goals and your budget. Whether you’re looking to move your applications into the public cloud, build your own private cloud or create a hybrid between the two, we can build a tailored cloud solution around your specific needs.



The advantages of a public cloud platform can be summed up in three words: simplicity, scale and savings. It’s simple to manage because all of the hardware and software is managed by your cloud provider. It scales up or down as your needs change. And it saves you money in opex, capex and excess capacity for peak demand periods.


When security trumps savings, it’s time to think about a private cloud. A private cloud can leverage virtualization and converged infrastructure for cloud-like scale and efficiency, but in a private, dedicated system within your own data center. The protected nature of a private cloud provides an extra layer of security and control to meet industry-specific compliance requirements.


A hybrid cloud can provide the best of both worlds: security with scalability, less complexity with more control. With a hybrid cloud deployment, you can find the perfect balance of public and private clouds to meet your needs. It can also provide a convenient path to migration if your rip and replace isn’t realistic across your entire business all at once.

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