Networks and Connectivity

Give your business the connectivity it needs to thrive with 4Sight

Businesses are now expected to respond more quickly whether dealing with customer requests or increasing the overall flexibility, agility and functionality of their operations by leveraging cloud-based services. From broadband to agile networking, 4Sight offers with market-leading partners connectivity solutions that service all business sizes and sectors, delivering outstanding performance combined with built-in security and resilience measures that protect business continuity and reputations.

Scaled Connectivity

Adopt a solution that fits your business whether it’s high quality broadband for SME through to advanced WAN services for enterprise.

Top Tier Service

Benefit from full visibility, exceptional quality of service (for voice, video and collaboration) and top tier resilience, all delivered within a cost-effective solution.

Flexible Capacity

Add or adjust capacity to meet changing businesses demands, whether seasonal, marketing campaign-led or reacting to incidents.

Work Wherever

Empower staff so they can adopt their preferred work style including working across multiple sites, on the move or from home.

Single Contract

Opt to have your voice and connectivity services supplied by us, delivered through a single contract with cast-iron SLAs.

Networks and Connectivity

Leverage the power of a truly cutting edge network

4Sight only partners with leading network solution providers in the UK to have an exceptional track record operating with mid- and large enterprise space.

By using our partners' award-winning networks, we are able to deliver a high capacity, low latency network capable of providing Ethernet services from 10Mb up to 10Gb. By using award winning network, and interconnecting with the UK’s leading Tier 1 Carriers, you will get access to solutions across the largest UK network footprint; providing high speed, resilient internet services, regardless of location. Connectivity will reach beyond the UK to over 130 countries.

SIP Trunks

Replace your rigid, expensive ISDN solutions with flexible SIP Trunks solution and receive savings up to 70%

Experience more flexibility at a lower cost with the UK’s leading SIP Trunking provider and our partner. Replace rigid, expensive ISDN solutions with flexible Gamma SIP Trunks. Organisations can find their operations restricted by inflexible and costly inbound/outbound voice calls services if delivered via traditional ISDN. SIP Trunking transcends these issues, offering less cost per channel than ISDN while providing more flexibility for geographic telephone numbers – and how and where they can be used – as well as greater reliability.

International SIP Trunks

Simplify your global voice and data communications

Connecting voice to multiple countries via the PSTN can be expensive and artificially complex. We work with global organisations to rationalise their voice networks using SIP Trunks to centralise everything to the corporate IP network.

  • One converged voice and data network that centralises breakout points to the international PSTN.
  • Centralised dialling plans with local numbers for all locations, and management of all local services from a single site.
  • Our SIP services support the transition to our unified communications portfolio, which offers wider communications solutions.
  • Fast and flexible call routing maintains a reliable level of experience that you and your customers expect.

Inbound Call Routing

Take back control of your call management

Companies can often find themselves restricted by their network operator, having to rely on the provider to make urgent adjustments to any call management requirements. Inbound products enable you to service yourself securely, making changes while benefiting from instant access to reports that meet your business timescales, not those of your network provider.

Leased Lines and Internet Access

Simple, low-cost high bandwidth solutions

Choose fixed bandwidth speeds from 10Mbps to 10Gbps Business Internet plans with symmetrical upload and download speeds, guaranteed uncontended Connectivity.

Fully managed service designed to meet the needs of the modern business. The installation process is a simple plug-and-play deployment, doing away with expensive hardware and set up costs. Flexible bandwidth management enables you to switch bandwidth up or down and control your Internet traffic.

High performance Wide Area Network

Simplified management, increased agility and tangible cost savings

Prioritise business critical applications and drive your business forward with our low-latency WAN solution. Corporate Networks are delivered using Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS). VPLS is a Layer 2 Network technology that allows geographically-diverse locations to connect together as if on the same Local Area Network (LAN).

Intelligent dynamic distribution of bandwidth and six levels of CoS enables you to manage your WAN to best support your business communications and applications.

Software Defined WAN

Secure, smart and fast Software Defined WAN

SD-WAN architecture is a fully managed, hybrid, low-latency private WAN / Internet service with any-to-any connectivity to a number of services - be it Cloud, branch sites, SaaS or more.

SDN solutions integrate seamlessly with our homogenous layer 2 VPLS Network architecture to apply fast and secure network management all the way from a user's device right across the Network to your data centre and Cloud infrastructure.

Software Defined WAN for the Home

Empower your remote workforce with ultra-secure, high performing connections to their home network

With home working now the new norm, application performance is an increasing concern, with multiple devices competing for bandwidth as they remotely connect to the corporate network. Furthermore, the range of threats to network security is much larger, due to numerous unsecured IoT devices connecting to the home router.

SD-HOME - Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solution for home working - maximises quality of service (QoS) for critical business applications by utilising SD-WAN technology for bandwidth prioritisation, supported by a robust cyber security network.

IaaS - Virtual Data Centre

VDC designed for high-availability, reliability and Business Continuity

Virtual storage and server resources, accessed via a secure portal, with the ability to roll out on-demand hosting, storage and computing, for a true Private Cloud

VDC serves as an extension of an organisation’s IT operations as it integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructure with fibre Connectivity over the carrier-class Network. VDC is designed for customers to manage their virtual estates at the touch of a button. Configuration, real-time changes, capacity and pooling of resources can all be done on-demand via our secure Cloud portal.