Red Box Call Recording Solution


Capture, secure and unlock the inherent value of enterprise-wide voice with Red Box, a leading global provider of secure and resilient voice capture solutions. With the most open and connected platform, Red Box capture all voice communications from anywhere, irrespective of source - without needing to change your existing telecoms infrastructure and backed by unrivalled resilience and service excellence.

Installed on just one server, or virtualised, the Red Box recorder can capture analogue, digital, mobile, radio and IP telephony communications, as well as SMS, instant messages, and PC screens with Quantify screen data capture.
With automated failover between primary and secondary servers and the option of purchasing back up channels, Red Box supports the highest levels of resilience. Easily configurable alarms can be set to keep you up to date about system performance.
Recorded communications are stored in the recorders local CallStore, with options for storage extensions or archiving to external network storage. Configuration options provide support for retention policies and regulatory compliance.
For flexibility, Red Box Quantify supports on-site, virtual and hosted deployment models. Whichever option you choose, it’s easily scalable so can grow with your organisation.
Red Box Quantify is compatible with communication platforms across major telephony vendors and financial trading systems.

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Maximising the value of voice

You are in control of your voice data, and with free and open REST-based APIs, Red Box enable you to integrate seamlessly with your existing and future business systems and take advantage of our best of breed partners to unlock additional value. From storage and archiving to analytics, AI, Business Intelligence, CRM, and compliance tools, you’re free to use whatever works best for your organisation.

The Red Box transcription service helps ensure regulatory compliance and saves valuable time, whilst delivering even more insight from the conversations taking place in your organisation.

Red Box offer a comprehensive API architecture giving you complete access to control your Red Box recorders and integrate seamlessly with your existing and future business systems.

-Transition data from your legacy recorders with our Ingestion API Control, Provision and Administer channels and users within your recorder Integrate with your CRM for PCI Suppression.
-Search and Access calls and metadata from your preferred application.
-Use the Export API to push Call metadata, audio and transcriptions into your CRM or Archive.
-Access system health and availability from your chosen IT management platform.

The Voice Data Controller from Red Box provides organisations with a seamless way to consolidate customer voice data within Salesforce to provide a single view of customer interactions and unlock the value of enterprise-wide captured voice communications.

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A choice of powerful applications

Red Box's application suite helps maximise the value of voice data

Quantify Search and Replay
Retrieve recordings and replay conversations via our built-in Media Player based on your chosen search criteria. The perfect application for efficiently searching large volumes of spoken audio content, whether that’s for investigation, dispute resolution, call and transaction validation, or compliance checking.
Quantify Event Reconstruct
Build a visual timeline of events and replay recordings sequentially or concurrently. A very useful application for collating recordings from multiple sources to compile evidence needed for auditing, disclosure and compliance.
Agent Controls
Our agent controls, within the Red Box Workstation Client, provide optional client-side features to help control data that is being captured for each conversation such as PCI Suppression, Call annotation and Record on demand capabilities.
Quantify Live Acquire
Monitor and listen to calls as they happen. A great application for managers and supervisors to provide real-time coaching and assistance.
Quantify Quality Management
Identify trends and employee training needs by automatically sampling calls for assessment and creating custom scoring forms based on set evaluation criteria.
Quantify Insight
Proactively check the status of your recording system through a visual dashboard and hands-off email reports. Access the data needed to understand and monitor system performance and prevent problems.

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Compliance Management


Financial Compliance

Banks, hedge funds and brokerages operate in one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world. Remaining compliant continues to become more complex and resource dependent. By capturing conversations across trading floors and offices, Red Box solutions can facilitate compliance with legislation requiring the full capture of voice/data communications for record keeping, such as MiFID II. As a result, organisations can improve operational transparency, deter market abuse and mitigate risk.


Contact Centre Compliance

In competitive industries where customer loyalty can be easily lost through poor service, the performance level of contact centres is vital. By capturing an unequivocal record of conversations, we help contact centres comply with internally and externally enforced standards, quickly investigate and resolve complaints and identify employee training needs. Quantify integrates with leading telephony, UC and contact centre agent and supervisor systems to offer seamless solutions for small, medium and enterprise level organisations.


Public Safety Compliance

For safety-minded organisations such as the emergency services, transportation and construction companies, the recording of voice and data communications is key to providing a fast, efficient and well-organised response. Quantify Recording Suite captures communications across control rooms and from public safety workers in the field. This allows important details to be verified, incidents reconstructed for evidence gathering, and improvements made to quality and training procedures.


Call Recording GDPR Compliance

Controlling and processing and maintaining records of recorded communications data will be a key consideration in organisations preparation for the GDPR, which takes effect on 25th May 2018. Red Box provides a set of tools to build into your data management processes, in full support of your compliance obligations to: Capture consent, Find & Identify records associated with specific individuals, Delete or port records when required, Protect your data.