Mitel MiTeam Video Meetings

MiTeam Video Meetings

Video-Based Collaboration Makes Meetings Focused and Efficient

MiTeam Video Meetings is a cloud-based multi-party video solution designed to bring teams together inside a permanent virtual workspace that allows for enhanced communication through face to face interactions to make meetings more productive so everyone can get work done.

Seamless real-time video collaboration across time zones and geographies, delivering quicker meetings, quality collaboration, real-time decisions.

Multi-Party Video Solution

MiTeam Video Meetings is a multi-party video solution designed for those who want to work more efficiently and enhance workplace communications with seamless transitions between voice, video, and chat capabilities to offer a true collaboration experience. Reduce the friction created by switching between disjointed communication tools. MiTeam Meetings delivers an end-to-end, turnkey solution contained in a single application that is fully integrated with your Mitel infrastructure and maximizes the productivity of your employees’ meetings.

Key Benefits

Meetings are more productive when employees can transition between chat, voice, and video seamlessly on a single cloud application.


Meaningful Interactions, Anytime, Anywhere

Engage in immersive and interactive conversations no matter the time or place.

Make the Most of Every Meeting

Ensure that every meeting is productive with real-time chat logs, screensharing and file transfer.

Talk, Chat and Video. All In One Place

Take part in a seamless collaboration experience with fluid transitions between voice, video, and chat all contain within a single solution.

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