Mitel MiTeam

Mitel MiTeam Collaboration Software

MiTeam is a workstream communications and collaboration (WCC) tool that provides a highly collaborative workspace for team-based meetings, conversations, and content collaboration.

Reduce organisation silos and increase your speed to market with an embedded application that extends past your company walls to mobile employees and beyond to external team members.

Connect Virtual Teams

MiTeam seamlessly integrates into MiCollab to allow you to effortlessly collaborate with teams of any size, including powerful messaging, content sharing, white boarding and real-time voice and video meetings. All the collaboration tools you need are at your fingertips in an intuitive and open environment.

Key Benefits

MiTeam Collaboration Software helps to break down barriers, increase productivity, speed time-to-market, and reduce email.


Keep it all Together

MiTeam seamlessly synchronises everything relevant to your team into streams, making teamwork easier and faster – whether your project lasts a day or a year, with two people or twenty.

Be More Productive

Streams are persistent collaborative workspaces, which continuously archive your team’s history of messages, content, annotations, and tasks for future reference.


Real-Time, Anytime

Instantly start a real-time voice or video collaboration session with colleagues, partners or customers, directly from your mobile device, with advanced call-control capabilities.

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