Communication Solutions for Hospitality Sector

Customer experience has always been a key differentiator in determining business performance within hospitality

It’s a highly competitive market, where your customers are now evaluating their engagement much wider than just the check-in, waiter and room service experience. It begins when trying to make a booking online, through to sharing their feedback via social media – and a whole lot more in-between.

At 4Sight, we understand the unique challenges facing the hospitality sector and are committed to helping deliver exceptional guest experiences. Our comprehensive range of Mitel communication solutions can help consolidate communications, manage all devices on a single platform, and keep your costs in check.

Whether you need to handle high volumes of enquiries, coordinate staff across different departments, or provide multilingual support, our team has the expertise to deliver solutions that meet your specific business needs.

Overcoming communication challenges facing the hospitality sector

Post pandemic the hospitality sector faces unique communication challenges. Improving guest experience, reducing costs and improving efficiency are all areas businesses want to concentrate on.

Some of the challenges the hospitality sector are facing, we have solutions for:

  1. Handling high volumes of inquiries and reservations: Managing a constant stream of calls, emails, and online bookings requires efficient communication systems and well-trained staff to ensure seamless and accurate reservation handling.
  2. Coordinating staff across various departments: Effective communication among different departments, such as front desk, housekeeping, and maintenance, is essential to address guest needs and resolve issues promptly.
  3. Personalising guest experiences: Catering to the specific preferences and requirements of each guest demands clear communication and information-sharing between staff members.
  4. Real-time responsiveness: Swiftly addressing guest enquiries, concerns, and requests is vital for maintaining high levels of satisfaction and fostering positive customer relationships.
  5. Crisis management: In times of emergencies or unexpected events, swift and effective maintenance and support is crucial to manage situations and minimise disruptions to guest experiences.

What your communications technology needs to deliver



From the morning wake-up call to getting in contact with someone seamlessly during times of emergency, your guest experience needs a high level of reliability.



Ensure any concerns you have about guest privacy, data security and smart device integration are suitably covered.

Operational efficiency

Operational efficiency

Find new ways of being productive that can help drive profitability.

Cloud-technology can help

Whether you’re looking to improve customer experience, collaboration tools or cyber security, cloud solutions can be implemented to meet your specific business needs. This intuitive and easy-to-install technology integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.

Select from a range of subscription plans that allow for public, private or hybrid cloud communication deployment, then leverage additional add-ons and applications to meet your bespoke needs.

If you’re looking for ease of use, cost-effectiveness and convenience, then it is time to make a transition to the cloud.

mitel logo a 4sight communications partner

Why Mitel?

For almost 50 years, Mitel have helped businesses connect, collaborate and raise their standards for customer service. Across more than 100 countries, a new generation of multi-deployment solutions are enabling users to securely connect via call, chat and video – delivered via a cloud computing package tailored to a company’s requirements.

Introducing the MiCloud Hospitality Applications Suite

Through the implementation of advanced communication applications, Mitel can help you overcome the operational challenges you face. Their suite of applications include:

  • Icharge Enterprise

    A next generation Communications Management System, offering data analytics and reporting

  • Innline V5

    Includes rich hotel specific voicemail, wake-up and room status application

  • IPortal

    Award-winning app-less solution that enables your guests to manage their own experience through their own personal device

  • INotify

    An enhanced messaging solution that facilitates better communication and enhanced service for your guests

  • IQuest

    A Mitel only solution that provides hotel staff with additional information and notifications to enhance the service your guests receive