Mitel MiCloud Contact Centre

Mitel MiCloud Contact Centre

MiCloud Contact Centre provides companies the sophisticated yet easy-to-use tools they need to manage, measure and optimise call centre performance. It combines the Mitel communications platform, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and a modular suite of feature-rich, cloud-based applications for streamlining contact centre management and resolving customer inquiries from the first point of contact.

MiCloud Contact Centre Benefits


Get automated, mobile, social

Today’s consumers want the ability to self-serve and communicate in their media of choice (voice, video, text, chat, social media). Bring it all together under one powerful, easy-to-use platform so you can give customers better, faster service on their own terms.

Deliver better service

Build strong, lasting relationships with customers by giving them more choices, better service and prompt answers. You can also infuse real-time insight into every customer interaction when you integrate CRM and sales applications with MiCloud Contact Centre.

Monitor and Manage

Traditional contact centres are costly to manage and complex to integrate. With MiCloud Contact Centre, you can manage your customer interactions seamlessly while taking advantage of the latest industry features—bringing your entire business closer to the customer.


Provide an exceptional customer experience while increasing operational efficiency with Google Contact Center AI-powered Chatbots that converse naturally with customers and agent assist technology that listens to the conversation and delivers suggested articles to human agents in real-time.

Interact how customers want

Your customers desire a memorable experience and you want to give it to them. So deliver one worthy of this hyper-connected generation by interacting through voice, email, chat, even SMS. Keep your door, and their options, open with a cloud contact center so they will have every opportunity to talk to you and no reason not to.

Be agile; Scale easily

Your business moves fast so the tools you use should be just as agile. By housing your services, features and applications in the cloud, your employees can deliver the same great customer experience anywhere. You’ll also be able to scale easily, anytime, anywhere, so you can meet seasonality and growth head on.

Cut costs and be efficient

Whether it’s time or money, you can be doing better things with your budget than spending it on a server or additional software. With everything you need integrated into a single solution that’s hosted in the cloud, you can deliver an exceptional customer experience while spending minimal.

How it works?

With MiCloud, you get a business phone system that just works. The brains of the system reside in Mitel's geo-redundant data centres and continue to provide service even in the rare event one goes down. Information and voice calls securely traverse the public Internet to reach their final destination using voice over Internet protocols (VoIP). Employees enjoy the same communications functionality regardless of whether they’re are in an office, on the road, or working from home.