Cloud for Enterprise

Cloud for Enterprise

SD-Cloud is the state-of-the-art, integrated Cloud-Network service delivery platform businesses need. Its flexibility and versatility provides them with a truly agile Cloud infrastructure that can handle the most modern of applications.

Built on Exponential-e's modern, true layer 2 VPLS Network architecture, it applies software definition all the way from a user’s device to the data centre, travelling over whatever private, public, or hybrid Cloud arrangements an organisation has in place.

The Network and the Cloud

The Exponential-e network is the key enabler for the Cloud solutions they build, allowing them to deliver your Cloud infrastructure on the clean and trusted side of your firewall. Physically, the Cloud infrastructure sits in the data centre ‘somewhere’.

Logically, your Cloud resource sits on your private LAN which is a major step towards resolving your concerns around data security and privacy issues in the Cloud. But this is just one of many competitive advantages the Exponential-e Cloud-Ready Network offers. Their bespoke solutions ably deliver against all enterprise service, performance, capacity, continuity and migration challenges. Quite simply, their competitors cannot deliver solution-equivalence, the dynamic agility, security, trust and performance offered by Exponential-e’s Cloud-Ready Network.

Key Benefits

Exponential-e are the UK’s pioneer of corporate Networks delivered using Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS). VPLS is a Layer 2 Network technology that allows geographically-diverse locations to connect together as if on the same Local Area Network (LAN). A truly powerful solution enabling the cloud implementation of all your major voice and information systems.

High Performance

Achieve high performance with our high capacity 100GigE network, with almost non-existent packet loss and guaranteed ultra-low latency (no router hops).

End-To-End QoS

Our Technology – VPLS combined with EDD enables us to guarantee end-to-end Quality of Service on all of our circuits. Proactive fault management alerts you of Network problems before you know they exist.

LAN-like simplicity

VPLS effectively extends the plug-and-play functionality from the LAN across a wide area Network, allowing Customers to control their own IP addressing schema and routing.

Customer-Orientated Networking

Intelligent dynamic distribution of bandwidth and six levels of CoS enables you to manage your WAN to best support your business communications and applications.

A Single Gateway and Security Boundary

Unique deployment of our fibre connections managed with our Ethernet Demarcation Device (EDD) means we monitor and maintain your Network without interfering with your on-site equipment.

Extend the functionality of your WAN

Our WAN solution can easily be combined with Exponential-e’s Internet-Centralised service which includes a Managed Centralised Firewall. We also provide managed routers and managed firewalls on-site if required.