Online Backup

Online Backup

Backup is a key requirement for businesses around the world, ensuring your data and applications are protected should you face a cyber attack or data loss incident. But the days of tapes are over and instead businesses are now looking for more secure, reliable and extensive solutions.

We provide our customers with an application aware portal giving them control to select the programmes and files they wish to protect. This is securely sent to two of the Exponential-e ISO 27001 UK data centres via their carrier-class network and stored on protected storage guaranteeing the availability of your data should you ever need to recover it.

Protect Your Business

Exponential-e’s Online Backup solution provides a fully automated, encrypted and intelligent data backup and recovery platform, giving businesses of any size the peace of mind that their data is protected and retrievable. As a caretaker of our customers’ most important asset, their data, we provide innovative solutions to transform traditional IT services and deliver tangible cloud-based solutions for the data centre of tomorrow.

We provide your business with a fully-automated, encrypted and intelligent online data backup solution. Lead the way in data growth and application management with a platform which is native and cloud-based. Quickly back up, recover and access your most important data across any infrastructure to make business continuity simple.

Online Backup Features

Real-time data replication at the byte-level

Spreads out the impact of data protection over time, rather than during backup windows.

Hardware and application agnostic

Service can be used for both physical and virtualised servers irrespective of
manufacturer and supports any application running under a supported Operating System.

Open file mirroring and replication

Open files are replicated without the need for them being off-line and no disruption for end users.

Server Replication service protects

Exchange, SQL Server, Oracle, Sharepoint and many more applications.

Online Portal

Online portal access to view replication RPO and backup


Protection for both physical and virtualised servers