Server Replication

Server Replication

Server Replication is an essential service for businesses that enables you to deploy effective disaster recovery and business continuity plans, ensuring a rapid recovery for critical servers.

This service replicates the data from your production servers into our Virtual Data
Centre (VDC). In the event of a failure with your production server, the stored data is
loaded onto a virtual server in the VDC. This then replaces the failed server and services are able to continue as normal.

Our Server Replication from Exponential-e provides a mirrored clone of your production servers to allow for minimum downtime in the event of production server or connectivity failure. It takes advantage of our ability to extend your internal LAN fabric into the Expoenential-e Cloud data centres providing a true Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS).

Super-hybrid Environment

Our Server Replication service meets the needs of IT professionals
to provide a flexible and resilient solution, supported by 24 / 7 x 365 customer support from our UK based service desk. It delivers affordable application and data protection, as well as enabling rapid recovery from a server system outage.

By using the latest replication technologies, we are able to offer an ‘any point in time’ recovery without the need for continuous snapshots. Plus, with Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) tailored to meet your requirements, and our hardware agnostic solutions we allow you to fully utilise your existing IT assets with no further requirement to purchase additional hardware.

Server Replication Features

Real-time data replication at the byte-level

Spreads out the impact of data protection over time, rather than during backup windows.

Hardware and application agnostic

Service can be used for both physical and virtualised servers irrespective of
manufacturer and supports any application running under a supported Operating System.

Open file mirroring and replication

Open files are replicated without the need for them being off-line and no disruption for end users.

Server Replication service protects

Exchange, SQL Server, Oracle, Sharepoint and many more applications.

Online Portal

Online portal access to view replication RPO and backup


Protection for both physical and virtualised servers