Leased Lines and Internet Access

Reliable, high performance connectivity solutions

Businesses are now expected to respond more quickly whether dealing with customer requests or increasing the overall flexibility, agility and functionality of their operations by leveraging cloud-based services.

Choose fixed bandwidth speeds from 10Mbps to 10Gbps Business Internet plans with symmetrical upload and download speeds, guaranteed uncontended Connectivity.

If you do not have optimised connectivity, then the investment you have made in new ways of working is put at risk. Also, adoption rates in any new application will be poor because of unoptimised connectivity performance.


Low Cost

Source low risk solutions that increase productivity and lower costs so budgets are protected and your business remains competitive.


High Bandwidth

Suitable access options for every location regardless of availability, site criticality or budget


No complexity

Expand or contract activities at particular locations or quickly add or adjust capacity to meet changing businesses demands.

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In partnership with:

Boost your connections with next-generation networking

From broadband to agile networking, with our partner Gamma, we are able to design connectivity solutions that service all business sizes and sectors, delivering outstanding performance combined with built-in security and resilience measures that protect business continuity and reputations.

Gamma owns and manages its core network, enabling us to provide assured performance for business-critical applications. This, together with Gamma’s reputation for being easy to do business with combined with our expertise and knowledge, means we are highly attractive to UK business.

Leverage the power of a truly cutting edge network

Virtual1 owns and operates the largest wholesale-only carrier network in the UK. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, covering 180 towns and cities nationwide - all across our own resilient dark fibre core.

In partnership with Virtual1, we are able to deliver a high capacity, low latency network capable of providing Ethernet services from 10Mb up to 10Gb. All this through using Virtual1 award-winning network, and interconnecting with the UK’s leading Tier 1 Carriers, able to provide solutions across the largest UK network footprint; providing high speed, resilient internet services, regardless of location.

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Features of Networks


Scaled Connectivity

Adopt a solution that fits your business whether it’s high-quality broadband for SME through to advanced WAN services for the enterprise.


Flexible Capacity

Add or adjust capacity to meet changing businesses demands, whether seasonal, marketing campaign-led or reacting to incidents.


Work Wherever

Empower staff so they can adopt their preferred work style including working across multiple sites, on the move or from home.


Secure Network


Deployment Resiliency

Resilient deployment solutions offering 100% uptime


Centrally Managed

Benefit from a service and performance that are managed centrally, backed-up by iron-clad network-wide service level agreements.