Consultancy and Auditing Services

System Audits

Free Mitel Audit

Our audits are carried out by our senior technical staff and form the foundation of our working relationship. It is an opportunity for us to review your communications environment and working practice before we make any recommendations. The audits we do are comprehensive and confidential documents that offer a great insight into the operational wellbeing of your Mitel platform and associated applications.

We invest great care and attention in getting to understand you and your systems. We review your communications infrastructure, workflows, device usage and expenditure to get a ‘real-world’ understanding of your solution. It is often the case that current platforms are underutilised, badly set up or just misunderstood. With our help you can enhance the performance of those systems and significantly extend the life of the investment you have already made.

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Consultancy Services

Our consultancy services come as standard with our support model and play an important role in our ability to deliver efficiency and performance-enhancing ideas and solutions.

It is the opportunity for 4Sight to understand your business and working practice before we make any recommendations. Our experience is that many Mitel users are falling along way short of the potential of the solution and feel that their incumbent is reactive rather than proactive to their needs. Many continue to be sold additional licences and applications that duplicate resources or just will not work in the required environments.

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Consultation and Design Service

This service will help you to budget and plan your projects. Each project/client has a designated design consultant and senior engineer. They work proactively to deliver innovative ideas and project plans. 


Project Management

Our standard upgrades and smaller projects can be directly managed from within the client team by the Technical Account Director (TAD) and Principle Engineer (PE). Large projects are designed and managed by our in-house project team.


Implementation Service

This service is managed by your dedicated client team regardless of the geography. We always aim to operate our resource levels well within our maximum client to resources ratios that we have set. This ensures we have the right balance of resource to provide the level of service required by our clients.

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