Transform your customer experience with a range of ready-made applications that are avai;able on-demand from the Cloud

The modern contact centre now plays a critical part in a company’s ability to stay ahead of the competition and keep up with customer demands.  These demands have changed rapidly with customers now using an increasingly wide range of channels yet expecting ever more rapid response times.

Cirrus understands this challenge only too well because the team themselves have come from contact centre environments. Wholly focussed on business outcomes, Cirrus applies its accumulated knowledge and innovative cloud-based technologies to the challenge at hand, recognising that each client’s vision of success is entirely unique.

Cirrus’ solutions allow organisations to interact with their customers across a wide range of digital channels (email, video, messaging and social media) in addition to traditional voice. All customer communications, regardless of channel, are aggregated into a single view which gives the contact centre agent the full picture of customer contacts and promotes a quick and efficient response. This software has been shown to transform contact centre operations by reducing waiting and issue resolution times, increasing customer satisfaction and drastically reducing costs.

Benefits of working with Cirrus

True Cloud

Cirrus guarantees 99.999% uptime with a 60 second Recovery Time Objective SLA. Calls are load-balanced across 3 data centres (no single point of failure) and data is synchronised every 100ms.


Cirrus is ISO27001 certified, has an ongoing GDPR compliance programme and holds Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus.

Open APIs

Open APIs mean that Cirrus can work with many 3rd party systems, allowing the client to fully realise a return on legacy systems which can be managed in parallel under a master agreement.

Omni-Channel Capability

Allows contact centre managers to provision a single team for all digital channels: email, chat, video chat, SMS, MMS, voice and social media. Cirrus AI can be blended with Omni to drive further efficiencies – no ordinary chatbot, Cirrus AI soaks up knowledge from conversations and uses this “learning” to deliver accurate and contextually relevant information.

Full Flexibility

Experience full flexibility from connected technology stack with no extra software to install and no servers to provision. Access instant provisioning and almost limitless scalability. You just pay for the licences you use.

Want to find out more?

Cirrus Voice Platform

The Cirrus Voice Platform provides you with complete contact centre control – work the way you want to work, there are no restrictions or limitations, you simply define each customer experience, how the call is queued, the intelligence associated with routing and the self-service options available.

Unified Desktop

Agents will have everything they need in one unified desktop. Cirrus Omni-Channel functionality will be delivered in a simple view that your agents will love.

Real Time Performance Monitoring and Visibility

You will see every detail about your contact centre as it happens, meaning you can make a change as soon as you have a problem.

Instant, One-Click Provisioning

Cirrus’ hyper-scale cloud is delivered via an always-on service, with elastic scalability for instant flex-up and down when needed. You can self-serve and it is live immediately – service changes, IVR announcements, adding licences, agent groups, skillset changes.

Advanced Queuing and Intelligent Routing

Hit your service levels and maximise your contact centre productivity by configuring every queue, rule and group. Save customers time during busy periods; making routing decisions based on CLI or contextual CRM data, or providing Self Service functionality as an alternative. Omni-channel functionality, including SMS, Chat and Email, provides near and non-real-time communications, allowing Agents to handle multiple conversations simultaneously

Cirrus Omni-Channel

The average consumer operates across multiple media and multiple devices, seamlessly moving from one to another, often in the course of a single interaction. They expect businesses to be able to match this behaviour during customer service interactions.

Cirrus Omni-Channel offers a range of proprietary applications to enable engagement with your customers in the most responsive and effective way. Whenever and wherever it is most convenient for them.

Now you can easily launch new service channels and deliver a unified customer experience, regardless of whether it is through WhatsApp, email, chat, video chat, SMS, MMS, voice, social media or app stores.

Cirrus Omni-Channel features a single layer dashboard for all channels, synchronous and asynchronous. It enables contact centre managers to provision a single team for all digital channels. Agents can carry out multiple engagements across different channels, simultaneously.

Omni-Channel platform provides a single integration point to CRM, consolidating data from all current and future channels. Agents are able to transfer customers between channels, if required, and can view an engagement history across all channels.

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