Call Recording Solutions

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Customer Experience with Interaction Recording, Quality Management and Analytics

The ways that contact centers engage with customers have changed with the emergence of mobile devices and omni-channel options. What hasn’t changed is the demand for prompt and efficient service, regardless of the communication channel. With a workforce optimization solution, you have access to a wealth of insightful information on contact center performance.

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Mitel Workforce Optimization

Boost your team’s performance with workforce optimization applications and tools

Empower your employees with Mitel Workforce Optimization solutions that are proven to improve both the efficiency of your organization and the quality of your customer experience.

ASC Compliance Recording & Analytics for Microsoft Teams

Meet complex, regulatory requirements for recording and archiving 'with just one click' within Teams

Due to certain compliance requirements, Microsoft Teams requires a compliance recording solution to meet their customer requirements in their respective industry. Therefore, Microsoft has selected ASC as a partner for compliance recording and analytics for Microsoft Teams.

Red Box Call Recording Solution

Capture, secure and unlock the inherent value of enterprise-wide voice

With the most open and connected platform, Red Box capture all voice communications from anywhere, irrespective of source - without needing to change your existing telecoms infrastructure and backed by unrivalled resilience and service excellence.