Why Businesses Are Migrating To The Cloud More Than Ever

Why Businesses Are Migrating To The Cloud More Than Ever


Across industries and time zones, businesses are increasingly leveraging the cloud to meet customer expectations, with cloud communications growing roughly 25 percent year over year. With quicker updates and the latest applications, the cloud offers businesses unprecedented ability to improve flexibility, scalability and efficiency while saving on costs. And yet each journey to the cloud is as unique as the business―and is dependent on the unique patchwork of technology investments and acquisitions it has in place.

The fastest-moving businesses are spending time, money and energy to assess their current infrastructure and plan the best way to proceed. They are looking to gain the benefits of cloud without having to start all over, become burdened with expensive deployment models or get locked in for years with a specific vendor.

Mitel understands this well. Its next-gen cloud offering uniquely provides choice: public, private or hybrid. And this is an approach that businesses across the globe have responded to. According to Synergy Research Group, Mitel is #1 in total cloud seats worldwide for the seventh consecutive year. With nearly 4.7 million users globally, Mitel is over 1.5 million seats ahead of the next closest competitor.

Since Synergy Research Group’s Cloud Market Growth Report began in 2012, Mitel has dominated the top spot as the communications and collaboration vendor of choice for organizations worldwide.

“As we have been saying for a number of years now, Mitel has a compelling value proposition in the UC industry by being able to offer multiple cloud migrations for its customers,” said Jeremy Duke, Synergy Research Group’s founder and Chief Analyst. “This strategy has been successful, as evidenced by Mitel’s continued leadership in the combined market of private and public cloud for nearly a decade.”

Built on the Google Cloud Platform for optimum security and reliability, Mitel’s cloud solutions provide advanced AI, machine learning and analytics. With robust public, private and hybrid cloud options, Mitel is uniquely positioned to help each customer deliver the cloud communications and collaboration they need to achieve their business goals.

“Organizations are increasingly moving applications to the cloud and looking for ways to harness the benefits of the cloud to collaborate more seamlessly and compete more effectively,” said Mitel CEO Rich McBee. “With Mitel’s solutions, businesses can choose the deployment model that’s right for them, whether that is a public, private or hybrid environment. We’re honored that so many businesses continue to trust us to guide them along their journey to the cloud.”

This article was first published by Mitel.

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