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Ebook: Jargon-free guide to MiFID II

The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, commonly known as MiFID II, is due to come into force in January 2018. Replacing the original Directive in January 2018, MiFID II brings changes to many areas relating to conduct of business, including far more robust rules around the recording and storing of conversations.

This easy-to-digest eGuide cuts through the jargon and highlight the key parts to help you become compliant.

What does this eGuide cover:

 Who needs to comply?

 What conversations need to be recorded?

 How do these conversations need to be stored?

 How do these recordings need to be monitored?


Infographic: Is your phone system holding you back or helping you fly?

Telecoms and IT have converged. See our infographic ‘Is your phone system holding you back or helping you fly?’ to understand how your phone system may be damaging your profitability and the benefits cloud communications can offer you.

For more information on how 4Sight can help your business
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What’s new in Mitel MiVoice Business Release 8.0 SP 1?

We are pleased to advise of the forthcoming release of the Mitel MiVoice Business 8.0 SP1 and the associated console that will be available to new installs and to all existing Mitel customers with active Software Assurance and Support coverage.

Key highlights of the Mitel MiVoice Business Release Release 8.0 SP1 are:

New Devices and Accessories:

  • A new Integrated DECT headset is available as part of the accessory range on the 6900 phones. Please refer to Product Bulletin PB20170109 for more details on this and additional improvements such as visual voicemail and mobile call history
  • Two new SIP DECT devices are supported (5613 and 5614). Please refer to Product Bulletin PA20170016

New System Features:

  • New Softkey “Silence Call” – when a call is ringing on the 6900 sets a new softkey is presented that will silence the ringer. Pressing this button is like what happens on mobile devices, the call is not forwarded, simply the ringer turns off and the call is routed based on normal settings.
  • Hot Desk Log Out Timer – in some environments customers have users that hot desk in to a device for a defined “shift period”. In the event, they forget to log out we have now created a timer which can automatically log users off. If no timer is required, then simply leave the default value of 0 and the system will not automatically log the user off.
  • Set Agent as Make Busy on no answer – today, if a call is routed to an ACD agent and they fail to answer the call then the system can automatically either place the agent in an “Absent” state or can log the agent out. From 8.0 SP1 we will allow a further option to put the agent into Make Busy state.
  • Resilient Name Tag Hunt Groups – Name Tag hunt groups are used to present the name of the desired destination on a phone when calls are presented These groups now offer the option to be resilient on a secondary controller.
  • Ability to Disable Recall for Incoming Calls. To provide a level of flexibility in call handling we can now disable recalls.

Embedded Voice Mail Enhancements:

  • Exchange 2016 Support – Compatibility testing with Exchange 2016 has been successfully completed.

MiVoice Business Console Enhancements:

  • Master Profile

Master profile reduces the time required for installation of new consoles, especially in multi-console environments. It also allows the administrator to standardise console settings so that all console stations have consistent behaviour.

This feature allows the administrator to configure a single console and save the settings that are common to all operators as a master profile. The master profile is then automatically imported to each new console that is selected to use the master profile.

• All consoles must be on the same release of console application s/w

• Master profile file may be kept anywhere in the network, including on one of the Console PC

• Master profile is loaded upon start-up by each console position

• If the path to network location is not available at start up, the console will start with the most recent profile that was used (and is stored locally)

To find out more about the Mitel MiVoice Business Release 8.0 SP1 call us on (0)20 3668 0444 or email