Are you making the most of your Mitel Communication systems?

Are you making the most of your Mitel Communication systems?

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Mitel communication systems

Two years is a long time in business. It’s also safe to say that the last two years have seemed longer than most! When the pandemic hit, nobody could have predicted the fallout for businesses around the globe. Every organisation, from the largest multinational to the local market trader, was forced to reassess how it communicated with customers.

Technology stepped up to the plate and accelerated digital transformation and remote working initiatives to enable some semblance of business as usual. However, as we settle into “the new normal” it’s time to take stock of the emergency measures that were put in place and assess whether they are suitable for a longer-term strategy.

Agile Mitel communication systems, allow businesses to deliver communications technology to a geographically dispersed workforce without impacting on customer experience. However, a lot has changed over the past two years and the set-up that was optimised for a centralised workforce may no longer be delivering cost and operational efficiencies.

Rounding the peg

As businesses were adjusting to a hybrid working environment, it would be easy to overlook some of the small nuisances as growing pains. In reality, they could be indicators of something more fundamental that, if left unchecked, could generate greater inefficiencies in the long run. So, how do you make sure your comms infrastructure is still fit for purpose? Simple. Audit your set-up to ensure you’re making the most of all the available features and that it suits your new hybrid environment.

It may seem a little obvious but making sure you’re using the latest hardware and software is a good place to start. There are always functional and security enhancements introduced with each software release. Of course, with users accessing the systems on a variety of devices, from a variety of locations, security is going to be a major concern. Address any config errors that might introduce vulnerabilities and if there are applications you don’t use, and don’t plan to use, get rid of them.

Take the opportunity to standardise your set-up as much as possible. Introducing a variety of custom settings is going to make management more complicated than it needs to be. Also, consistency is part of a good customer experience, so pay attention to the little things like music on hold too. Incremental improvements can often be found throughout your systems’ config, from call coverage to resiliency and voice quality settings.

With a decentralised workforce, there is a more compelling reason than ever to consider consolidating your telephony infrastructure and migrating to the cloud. The inherent scalability and flexibility of cloud-based solutions would enable you to flex your service provision to meet changing demand, to spin up new services rapidly and provide greater resilience for internal telephony, external teleworkers and SIP trunking. For organisations that are looking to downsize their bricks and mortar offices, eliminating on-premises computing and infrastructure frees up more space for flexible working and reduces operating costs.

Innovating support

Communications technology continues to evolve apace, with enhancements in functionality, connectivity and quality of service combining to deliver an excellent customer experience. However, the same cannot necessarily be said for service and support. In these aspects, innovation can be said to have fallen behind. That’s why we’ve been working with vendors and customers alike to redefine traditional SLAs and account management models to better meet the demands of modern business.

Our professional support services are designed to help you maximise your investment in Mitel’s world-class communications solutions. From planning and solution design to project management and proactive support, our professional services are tailored to meet your exact requirements and take you on your chosen path to transformation.

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To help ensure you’re making the most of your Mitel communication system  we have developed a comprehensive systems audit – a deep dive into your hardware, software and settings. It’s designed to identify any areas of vulnerability or inefficiency and help you to optimise your Mitel estate. Best of all it’s completely free of charge.

If you’re still not convinced, check out this handy infographic that summarises the Benefits of a 4Sight Mitel Platform Audit.