MiContact Center Business Release 9.0 for the MiVoice Business Platform

MiContact Center Business Release 9.0 for the MiVoice Business Platform Overview

MiContact Center Business Release 9.0 is a global release designed for customers on the MiVoice Business platform looking to take advantage of next-generation omnichannel customer experience capabilities, extend third-party interoperability with open media and REST API capabilities, and provide new levels of application and server availability with new high availability, disaster recovery, and business continuity options provided through partnership with Neverfail, a leading provider of active/passive availability solutions.

Release 9.0 also builds on the momentum of Release 7.x and 8.x to further enhance the Web Ignite interface, which is now the go-forward agent application for all voice and digital media handling.

Key highlights of the Mitel MiVoice Business Release 9.0 are:


MiContact Center Business Release 9.0 aims to provide a more holistic, personalised view of the customer experience by providing agents with information around the omnichannel customer journey, and the supplemental data required to solve the customers problem quickly and easily the first time. MiContact Center Business’ omnichannel solution links customer contacts across all voice, digital media, and open media interactions to provide a unified view of all interactions from the Web Ignite interface. This leverages pre-existing IVR and multimedia capabilities, data collected from workflows, and the Elasticsearch repository that serves as a database for multimedia transcripts

Release 9.0 omnichannel also provides a new Contact List option to Mitel customers that allows the system to store a customer’s name, email address, phone number (and optionally extension), and mobile phone number. The Contact List can be built dynamically using collected data from voice and multimedia workflows, or integrations with third-party CRM systems.

Omnichannel also introduces light-weight, CRM-like case management capabilities to MiContact Center Business customers. Agents can also now add notes to a case and dynamically add follow up reminders on cases. Reminders can also be sent to other agents for follow up. For example, if an agent is aware the case needs follow up the next day, but they are not working, they can easily pass along the case follow up reminder to another agent. Optionally, Supervisors also have visibility into cases that are open and pending follow up and can dynamically reassign to other agents in the event an agent is out of the office or unavailable.

Case and omnichannel reporting in Release 9.0 is done within Web Ignite. Supervisors and agents have access to any of the cases for the queues they are configured to manage and can quickly identify the status, notes, and history for these items.

Web Ignite Enhancements:

Release 9.0 completes the migration from the legacy desktop Ignite application to the next-generation Web Ignite agent interface. MiContact Center Business’ Web Ignite client extends the reach of the agent application beyond the previous Microsoft operating system limitation to support customers on a variety of Web browsers, specifically Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Safari.

The Release 9.0 Web Ignite client has been enhanced to support the following features and functionality previously only available in desktop Ignite:

  • Supervised transfers
  • Conference
  • Blind transfer to voicemail
  • Request help
  • Agent greetings
  • Inbox grid detailed view

In addition to the desktop Ignite feature parity improvements, Release 9.0 also introduces the following exciting new features to Web Ignite:

  • Tabbed, embedded URL screen pop – pass URL-based Web content directly to agents using Web Ignite andoptionally IFrame or pop out content directly from the agent interface.
  • Advanced search – by case record, state of the case, media, date/range, subject, from address, queue,employee, time in state, and standardized search operators.
  • Response templates – add custom variables to reply templates based on workflow collected data and createpersonalized reply templates from Web Ignite’s Tools tab.
  • Outbound Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP) – leveraging YourSite Explorer’s DNIS configuration,agents now have the option to specify the outbound CLIP they would like to display to the caller when makingoutbound calls. Optionally, this can be automated by leveraging a new Dialling Caller Number option on the MakeCall activity, which will automatically update the outbound number presented to callers when a callback is made.

The Release 9.0 Web client also includes a new URL monitor in the real-time dashboard that allows agents and supervisors to embed any third-party Web content directly within the Web Ignite Dashboard display.

Open Media

Open media routing is a feature originally built for MiContact Center Enterprise that MiContact Center Business has introduced into the product. Open media allows any non-traditional, third-party media, such as video or IoT alarms, to leverage MiContact Center Business’ visual workflow routing interface to route third-party media using an API (target URI) and deliver to agents.

MiContact Center Business’ open media feature is a use case-based capability, designed to power next-generation contact center capabilities. To date, several prime use cases have been identified for open media and MiContact Center Business’ REST APIs, including:

  • CRM task routing
  • Routing third-party IoT device notifications
  • WebRTC video integration (via Mitel technology partners Vidyo and Talkative)
  • Social media integrations

Web Chat Enhancements

In Release 9.0, MiContact Center Business’ customer-facing Web chat has been updated to support a maximum of 500 concurrent Web chats (both in queue and being handled by agents). Mitel have also added two new configuration options to control the number of concurrent chats in the system, which can be set in the global application settings editor.

High Availability

MiContact Center Business Release 9.0 introduces a new application level High Availability solution, delivered via partnership with Neverfail, that can replicate and provide high availability for the MiContact Center Business server, a standalone Call Accounting/Business Reporter Server, Remote Servers, and optionally SQL Server. All quoting, ordering, services, and support are available directly through Mitel and Mitel’s partner facing tools, with optional services and Tier 3 support being provided by Neverfail as required.

The high availability solution provided in Release 9.0 is an active/passive solution intended to provide:

  • 4x9s of uptime (99.99%) and availability for digital channels and for voice channels when MiVoice Business is not impacted.
  • 5x9s of uptime (99.999%) and availability for voice when used in conjunction with the MiVoice Business resiliency solution.

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