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Infographic: Business (Communications) Continuity

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We have experienced it all over recent months, with travel, weather, and now the Covid-19 virus threatening our personal routines and the integrity of our business performance.

Whilst we cannot prevent these issues, we can consider how we can use what we have to help mitigate the risk, disruption, and costs. Having already invested in a Mitel Platform, you will already have a comprehensive range of “flexible working” options available to implement right now.

To explore your options for teleworking or mobile working, please contact your Account Manager.

If you do not have contact details, please contact us at info@4sightcomms.com with your company name and contact details and we will get straight back to you.


Moving to the cloud: Why your phone system is a great place to start

Despite growing adoption rates, many companies still aren’t ready to make a full-scale move to cloud-based technologies. If you are among those who want to take a measured approach to cloud adoption, look no further than your phone system as a great place to start. By working with a communications provider who offers both cloud and hybrid phone systems, you’ll not only get expert guidance, but also the flexibility to customise a migration path that fits your business.

Below are four reasons why starting your journey to the cloud via your business communications needs makes sense:

1.You Can Manage Deployments in Small Groups

For many businesses, the phone system is the ideal service to serve as a catalyst in your transition to the cloud. Since it can be deployed in a phased approach, you can learn by transitioning small groups, teams or locations one at a time with little overall risk. Plus, you can also lean on the expertise of your service provider since most cloud vendors have helped countless other companies through similar transitions.

Beyond the initial implementation, businesses can also learn how to manage overall cloud applications from their service partners. They offer expertise your company may not have internally, making them an ideal resource to help you build a path to the cloud.

2. You Have the Flexibility to Embrace the Cloud Fully, or Bit by Bit

Not only can deployments be phased, but moving your business communications to the cloud doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. You can choose a full cloud deployment or start with a hybrid approach that combines both cloud and onsite solutions. Hybrid solutions allow you to mix and match communications applications as you need them, and give your company the flexibility to deploy only what your business requires today, while keeping the option open to add additional cloud services or locations later.

3. You Can Make Smarter Use of Internal Resources

A system provider with cloud expertise can help you make better use of your internal IT resources. With a cloud deployment, applications are hosted remotely and maintained by the provider, relieving IT of most or all network-related tasks. The business then consumes the services on a subscription basis rather than owning the infrastructure. In this model, the cloud provider manages the extra workload while freeing your IT team to focus on the initiatives that drive revenue for your business.

4. You Can Gain the Buy-In You Need to Move Forward With Other Cloud-Based Solutions

For any deployment to be successful, it must have buy-in from users. By focusing on your phone system early in your migration, you can introduce employees to the cloud’s many time-saving, productivity-enhancing benefits of the cloud. As their comfort grows, your ability to transition other systems and processes to the cloud will become easier. A provider with a reputation for excellent customer service and training options will help you quickly get buy-in from your employees.

For many of today’s businesses, a move to the cloud is just a matter of time. Choosing a phased approach with an early focus on your phone system is a smart choice, and tapping the expertise of a cloud phone service provider can make it an even smarter one.

Migrate to the Cloud

4Sight offers a range of Mitel Cloud Communication products and applications that enable fast access to real-time management information and productivity enhancing tools. To find out more about our Cloud Solutions click here.


10 Ways Your Phone System Can Help Your Estate Agency Beat The Competition

If your current phone system is only giving your staff basic functionality like phone, fax and voicemail, you could be losing money to estate agents whose communications tools offer employees advanced collaboration capabilities like file sharing, virtual video tours and task management, all of which improve the ability to close deals.

Use the checklist below to determine if your phone system is differentiating your business and empowering your agents. If you answer ‘no’ to multiple of these considerations, it might be time to consider making a switch.

Does your current phone system:

1. Help you beat the competition by connecting clients to an agent the first time they call using follow-me-anywhere technology?

2. Allow agents to use their office phone number from anywhere, across multiple devices?

3. Limit dropped calls by switching between Wi-Fi and cellular networks automatically to give your agents the best call quality wherever they’re working?

4. Support virtual showings with robust video conferencing features, so that your agents can show clients homes without the client physically being there?

5. Enhance collaboration with virtual workspaces that keep your teams organized and a step ahead of the competition?

6. Offer clients the ability to connect with their agent immediately, regardless of where your agent is, on a single number?

7. Make agents more efficient with integrated communications tools like chat, video calling and remote access to brokerage phone directories?

8. Make it easy for agents and staff to share documents, listings, photos and contracts on the go?

9. Allow administrators to easily add, delete and manage agent phone access across multiple office locations?

Delayed and untimely communications between clients and agents means lost revenue. If your agency is using an outdated phone system that doesn’t deliver the type of functionality outlined above, then you’re likely losing out to other agencies. With a more robust communications and collaboration system, you can empower agents to work more efficiently, deliver exceptional service to buyers and sellers, and close more deals.


Infographic: The Hidden Costs Of Traditional Phone Systems

The traditional on-premise phone system not only has expensive direct costs, but even more expensive indirect costs. Modern businesses need modern communications to stay competitive and achieve growth. See our infographic to learn more.

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Guide to Finding a New Business Phone System

Buying a new business phone system just got easier.

When it comes to purchasing a new business phone system, the options can be truly dizzying. Whether you need to replace or update your system, our five step guide will help you avoid over-engineering or under-investing for your company’s needs.

From determining your specific needs to successfully implementing your new system, we’ll help you choose the right infrastructure, select a deployment model, decide on a vendor and even understand how various features will benefit your business. 

Download eGuide below:

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    How to update or set the time on a Mitel 3300

    You can set the time on your Mitel 3300 in one of two ways, both of which will require specific admin permissions on the MiVoice Business application. The two methods are as follows:

    1. Via the Group Administration Tool
    2. Via an NTP (Network Time Protocol) Server (preferred)

    Setting the Time via the System Admin Tool

    To set the time via the System Admin Tool, login to your PBX and select the ‘Group Administration Tool’ button. The first screen that option available is for changing the date and time on your PBX.  Select it and you will be presented with the date and time management screen. Modify your settings to match the current date and time. Once the time is set, the telephones will update their time displays automatically.

    Please note that it is not uncommon for telephones to be “slightly off” on the time displayed.

    If your system is programmed to use an NTP server (Network Time Protocol Server) you will be told that you cannot change time if NTP Synchronization is enabled.

    If this is the case then you will need to follow option 2 below.

    Setting the Time via a NTP Server

    Starting with version MCD 4.0 you have the ability to program your Mitel 3300 to use an NTP server.  NTP stands for Network Time Protocol.  This is a special protocol to synchronise time among servers.  Your company may have a NTP server of it’s own or you may use one of the publicly available NTP servers.

    This is the 4Sight preferred method as its automatic, and should be set up by us as part of “on-boarding” unless customer does not want this feature.

    Typically, this will be set up by someone with a high level of System Admin privileges.

    How we can help?

    If you need help updating the time on your Mitel telephone system please feel free to contact our support team on (0)20 3668 0434 or email info@4sightcomms.com.


    Key Considerations When Choosing a New Business Phone System

    It’s easy to simply go out and buy a like for like replacement for your telephone system, but doing so would mean you are missing a golden opportunity to bring a range of powerful new capabilities into your business. Before you start looking at different phone system options, think carefully about what you need in your next phone system.

    Buying the right telephone system has the potential to make a massive difference to the success of your organisation in the next 5-10 years. In order to make the selection process easier, we have arranged the key features you should look out for by category.

    Does the system support features such as auto attendant, music on hold, automatic call distribution, call queuing, so you never miss a call?

    Does the system have features like conferencing, room-based collaboration and instant messaging and presence?

    Can the system divert calls to tablets or mobile phones when the access network is down? Are there restrictions in the features when people are remote?

    Are all the features available to remote workers or do some get removed? Is the quality the same– for example, some mobile systems only use a technology called VoIP when remote, which can hurt voice quality if the network is congested.

    Are the features the same on the phone, PC and mobile devices or are they different? Do you still have to rely on a telephone?

    Does the system support iOS and Android devices? Can it support all the productivity features above when mobile?

    Check what is included and not included in the minutes bundle. Are there any exit clauses in the service contract? Do you have to rent the phones for longer than the service contract?

    Can you add or remove users during the service contract? Do you have to pay for devices or for users?

    Does the system have web-based user self-administration and allow you to control powerful features from a single web page? Does the service support diagnostics so the service provider can quickly identify any issues that you may run into?

    How we can help?

    4Sight offers a comprehensive line of Mitel Telephone Systems including IP phones, consoles, conference phones, and peripherals suited for organisations and business of all sizes. For help in choosing the right telephone system for your business, contact one of our Communications Specialists on (0)20 3668 0444 or email info@4sightcomms.com.