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How can your organisation benefit from mobile working?

How can your organisation benefit from mobile working?

Today’s workforce has a range of working styles, schedules, and settings. Give your mobile workers the same communications and collaboration, no matter where they are, no matter which device they are on.

On top of that, provide them secure remote access to all your applications, data, and communications.

There are endless ways to create an “In Office” experience anywhere with the systems and software offered – however, it is essential to make sure it all combines well with your workforce.

If you are still wondering the necessity for mobility amongst your workforce, then look at a few of many benefits:

Free staff from geographical constraints while providing a consistent communications experience.

Enable your employees to communicate on a traditional desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other devices.

Deliver unified communications and collaboration capabilities to their mobiles or devices of choice.

Make sure employees are always reachable and available to customer calls.

Take a look at the Inforgrahic “Is Inefficient Mobile Working Damaging Your Business?“, which perfectly highilights importance of mobile working strategies.

If you want to discover more about how we help organsations globally adapt mobile working, then we welcome the opportunity to speak to you! Just get in touch with one of our Communications Specialists at 020 3668 0444, or fill out the contact form and we will contact you!


Webinar Replay: Talkative for Mitel Contact Centre – Making Digital Customer Communications a Reality!

Talkative for Mitel Contact Centre

Panelists: Felix Winstone, Director, Talkative; Paul Arigho-Crockett, Director – Enterprise Solutions, 4Sight Communications

Talkative for Mitel Contact Centre – Making Digital Customer Communications a Reality!

Contact centres have evolved over the years and continue to change at a rapid pace. From interactive voice response (IVR) to omnichannel communications and personalised interactions, your customer expectations have never been higher! All businesses that interact with their customers must deploy the right technology to provide a consistent experience across all channels, as well as a strategy that supports this broadened scope of service.

Felix Winstone from Talkative, a Mitel Development Partner, will demonstrate how you can enhance your Contact Centre with their real-time Talkative WebRTC tools as a new communications channel. This webinar will include Live Web Chat, Web Calling, Web annotation, and Co-browsing.

Mitel Top Services Partner